July 01, 2010

am I dreaming?

Everyday was plain and boring day for me,I started my day wake up to perform subuh prayer and go to the class, and ended up with finishing my assignments or blogging. Nothing interesting,right?
But,i'm always believe that will be a turning point in our life either that change our personality or our skills.

That day, one of *MEDCY committee member, Fahmi, asked me "Bro,you want to become a committee? because i want to fill in nomination form to nominate u",

"Dont kidding me bro,haha,are you sure? Up to you bro, that's ur rights to nominate anyone.".

I didnt care about all those nomination things because i'm sure that i will be not selected as a committee, i didnt have any intention to become a committee in my life !

FYI,MEDCY make an event known as *AGM to select new committees and using new system, all 1st and 2nd years must fill in nomination form a week before AGM to become a committee either your friend nominates you or you nominate yourselves.

That day, nominee must deliver a speech in 1 minute without any preparation as a manifesto in front of hundreds of students.

I keep asking myself,"Sahel, are u sure u want to become a committee? This is all about responsibility.are u sure? are u sure?"

SPEECH , that is something I never did once in my life and that night, President of MEDCY said to nominees,"All of you must deliver a speech"...

haha,that's a joke right?.I never deliver a speech and now, I must deliver without any preparation,OK, I'm done! but my principle is if u start something, u must finish it all. Futhermore, I want to try something DIFFERENT.hoho

Alhamdulillah, that night, i have my great teacher that always by my side and never let me down.He always teaches me something new .i still remembered that, once i joined PLKN,and i must recite a poem in PLKN Culture Night in front of hundreds of people. He teached me how to do it, in front of me when i recite that poem. weird rite?haha

there are some tips to deliver a speech teached by Sir EXP(for BEGINNEERS only,hoho)

1. Never make an eye contact with audience if you deliver a speech without any preparation.

2.Always match your body language and how you look.(thanx, Fikri and Luqman for your suggestion what i must wear)

3.Never say to audience that u're not ready.

4. Use simple word and easy to understand, for example, if not all of audience can understand English, just speak in Malay because we just want to make them understand what we talking about.

5.Lower your pitch. A low tone of voice is considered authoritative than a high-pitched voice,which is associted with fear and anger.

6. Never state your achievements in school or university.That's not gonna help u because there are hundred of students out there that have higher achievement than yours. They just want to vote a LEADER.

6.Vary the speed. Speaking fast creates a mood of anticipation and energises audience. Speaking slowly and calmly creates trust.

7.Well-placed pause for effect. Pause when you stop at important point. Audience will eagerly await what you want to say next.

8.Leave a simple but impactful conclusion or question to interact with audience, e.g."Never judge a book by its cover"

Alhamdulillah,i won that committee post.*pinch,am i still dreaming?
btw, i want to thank my great teacher,Sir EXP,that help me to deliver a speech smoothly and i hope i can be a good and responsible committee.Insha Allah..

 *new line up of committee.

P/s: thanx to all of AGM committee members.AGM was awesome!

*MEDCY- Society Club for Medic,Dentist,Pharmacy,Allied Health Sciences and Nursing student.
*AGM-Annual General Meeting, an event attended by all MEDCY students that have a main purpose to vote and select new committees for MEDCY.

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