October 29, 2011

Early Marriage. WHY?

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Salam and Happy Sunday!

WARNING : This post is intentionally for anyone who supports or wants to get married at young age especially IIUM students.Yes. Early Marriage.

Take note : Most of the IIUM students don't come from Islamic background. For them, coupling before married is a natural thing and they didn't know coupling before nikah is forbidden in Islam before admitting into IIUM.

After they admit into IIUM, they are exposed with the idea that coupling before nikah is forbidden and generally, they understand and know why it's forbidden. Then, they will replace coupling idea with the better idea that is allowed in Islam. Yess, it's a marriage or specifically early marriage.

Basically, they understand that early marriage provides many advantanges in spiritual, social, religious, academically aspects etc. In Islam, there are many hadith (Prophet's sayings) that highlight its advantage and it's recommended in Islam to get married. I don't want to point all those advantages out because I assume many of us know or heard about it. Maybe you can refer in ILuvIslam.com if you don't know.Don't get wrong idea, I fully support this early marriage idea.

Have you ever heard or meet the early young married couple have many problems after getting married for example, their academic performance is getting worse, social and financial problems or worst case scenario, they get divorced?

The main point is before getting married, some of them put the marriage solely as MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THEIR LIFE! I mean as an ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE! Maybe, many of us didn't realize this because we are consumed with early marriage advantages plus the natural desire to have someone special to live together. (Both of these is not the bad thing, dont get me wrong). Subconciously, they put this as ABSOLUTE objective of their life. Yet, for me, this idea is completely WRONG. The ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE in Islam is for HEREAFTER. For Allah s.w t.

Marriage is just one of the complementary thing to strengthen our effort and way to achieve true absolute objective.

The person that puts marriage as an absolute objective is analogically like a sprinter that MUST run 400 metres on track to get to the FINISH LINE but he puts the target at 100 metres only. He will run as fast as he can until 100 metres. Then, after 100 metres, he will burn out and assume he already win and race is end. Maybe he will stop and take a nap at 100 metres line while other sprinters run untill the true finish line.The truth is, he must make it to Finish Line that's 300 metres away to go. He's a loser. Geddit?

I guess the main point is I want to make sure you need to know why you want to do something. Even, you want to get married after graduating or while working, without realizing the true objective in marriage or prioritize what is more important, you will face many problems too.

I just want to point this out to make it clear my friend, MARRIAGE is a part of process in our life not true objective! That's all!

p/s: Tomorrow is Minitest. Please pray for me :))  

October 28, 2011

Age and Maturity.

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Salam and should I say 'Hi' too? Long time no see eh?

Alhamdulillah, today is the day of NINTEEN YEARS I live in this complicated and interesting world. There's a lil bit confusion about my real birthday bcoz in FB, I put my bday on 28th October but,the real one is 29th October. Only some of my friends remember it well ! Yeah, it's today.haha. Nevermind, who cares and I don't care.. The difference is only ONE day.

Typical way to start the post with a question: Have you ever heard the older the people, more matured they are?

Ya, I know. Many people stick to this one "Old people is mature people". I agree old people have more experience than younger one but when it comes to maturity, I guess it's not suitable to say that.

Maturity is not about you have more experience than others. It's not about you know better than others. Maturity is all about how to deal with complicated knowledge and experience that you get in your life and come out with simple and thoughtful opinion that will change part of the world like politics or worldview.

Some old people have vast of experience in certain field but reject everything that is voiced out by young generation is considered as immature.

Mature people always hear other peoples' opinion first. They will not accept or reject others' opinion blindly. They will hear everthing and when it comes to discussion, they will point out the objective of the discussion clearly before start it. They will find the similarities between their opinion and opinion of another side instead of come to find the differences. They tend to reelevate their some parts of their opinion if others' opinion make sense in certain aspect.When it comes to end of discussion, they will accept the differences between their opinion and appreciate it like " Okay, this is my opinion and that's yours".

Reject other opinion and think "I'm always right!" is immature and lead to stupidity.

Every time I go back to my village, I always pretend to be an older people than my real age, for sure I did not tell my age. If I don't reveal it when discussing with older people, they tend, at least hear my opinion or accept it.

If you introduce yourself, " I'm nineTEEN-year-old and still study bla bla bla...", subconciusly, they will take your opinion lightly even though, it's clear your opinion is reasonable.

In FB, I intentionally hide my age and sometimes, older people tend to add me and discuss about many current issues without knowing my real age. For example, about BERSIH, HIMPUN, philosophy, politics, health issues, current world news etc. Maybe, my opinion sounds stupid or simple for them but at least you will hear their mature opinion and you can learn something.

Age doesn't represent maturity. So, don't be an arrogant people. When you feel you're smarter than others, you're considered as a STUPID person.

Then, always hear other opinion first even though it comes from a kid.You will find a diamond of knowledge.

ps: Pardon me if my english is horrible and have many grammatical mistakes. It's about..let see. 1,2,3 4 hmmm... 5 months I didn't blog at all or write something in English. :'D

August 02, 2011

How To Memorize Al Quran Kareem

"In this post, you’ll learn one of the most effective strategies I’ve ever come across for doing your hifz of the Quran and building a very close relationship with Allah (swt) in the process…

So, this hifz technique was taught by the Algerian Shaykh Zakariya al-Siddiqi who teaches at the Institute of Human Sciences in France and is one of the foremost scholars of Quran today.
He memorised it by the age of 9 and dedicated his life to studying and teaching it, and he once told us the story of one of his friends. His friend was an engineering student, who was a ’Fresher’ about to embark on a 5 year degree. Let’s call him Ahmed…
Ahmed was an intelligent student who followed one of the oft-forgotten Sunnah’s of Success…
Quran Memorization Tip 1: Wake Up Early
He woke up earlier than most people. In fact, he woke up on time to get to the Mosque to pray Fajr every day. When he got home from the mosque, instead of busying himself with the internet or watching television, he spent the first few minutes of each day memorising the Quran.
Quran Memorization Tip 2: Each Day Memorise Less Than You Think You Can
Ahmed made a firm commitment to memorise the Quran, but instead of rushing in and trying to memorise one or two pages each day (like his friends who gave up before long), he confined himself to learning 5 lines per day.
This worked out to be about 20-30 minutes per day for him.
Quran Memorization Tip 3: Get Familiar First
In order to overcome the initial unfamiliarity with the new verses, he spent the first few minutes each day actually writing out the 5 lines of that day onto a small sheet of paper.
He spent the next few minutes reciting them over and over, and then attempted to memorise them.
Quran Memorization Tip 4: Keep Today’s Verses Close At Hand
As Ahmed went about his day, he often found that he had a few chunks of time – several minutes each. During these times, such as waiting for the bus, or waiting for a teacher to turn up to a class, Ahmed would try to remember the 5 lines from that morning.
To aid his memory, he kept the sheet that he wrote out that morning folded in his pocket, and would pull it out if he was struggling.
Quran Memorization Tip 5: Use What You Memorise In Every Single Salah
To further support his memory, every prayer he prayed that day, he would recite the same 5 verses of Quran that he learned that morning. In each aka’, he would alternate between the 5 lines from that day, and the 5-10 lines he learned the previous days. And remember…
Quran Memorization Tip 6: Keep Track Of Your Goal
With the Uthmani script of the Quran, there are exactly 15 lines per page. So, by the end of the week, Ahmed had not only memorised 2 whole pages of the Quran, but he had written them out in full, too… a very blessed act if ever there was one.
Quran Memorization Tip 7: Perfect Your Tajweed As You Go
On the weekend, Ahmed would visit a local scholar of Quran recitation, and would revise with him the 2 pages he had just memorised, and have a go at the 2 pages he would be working on the following week. This way, he was certain to learn the Quran with accurate tajweed and beautiful recitation.
There was one other secret to Ahmed’s success.
The Spiritual Secrets Of Successful Memorisation…
Once a week, on a weekend evening (usually on a Friday night), Ahmed would wake up in the middle of the night, and pray Tahajjud. During his special Tahajjud prayer, Ahmed would recite the whole two pages he had learned that week, and consolidate them.
At this point, the Shaykh mentioned that perhaps one of the reasons so few people manage to wake up and do this special prayer, which is highly recommended by the Quran and by our beloved Prophet (saw), is that we don’t have anything to recite.
We have so little Quran memorised that there’s no fun or enjoyment in the challenge of waking up for Tahajjud, and we often find even the fard prayers a ’chore’ instead of a pleasure.
The Results…
You can imagine Ahmed’s excitement and feeling of achievement and success 3 months after he started, when he had memorised the entire 1st Juz!
It’s not just the feeling of success and empowerment that the Quran gave him, but also the deep connection with Allah (SWT) he felt every single day.
You can only imagine how proud he must have felt of himself, when upon graduation Ahmed not only received a 1st class degree in engineering (he was 3rd in his class), but he had also officially memorised the entire Quran. He was a hafidh.
Shaykh Zakariya pointed out a final lesson from this blessed brother.
The biggest achievement he made was not to memorise the Quran. The biggest achievement he made was to be deeply connected with the Quran every single day for 5 years.
That connection with Allah (SWT) is what made Ahmed so special. That deep link with the Creator is what keeps life in perspective and is what helped Ahmed to keep on track with the little weekly targets he set for himself.
One can only imagine what happened to Ahmed’s levels of personal fulfilment, Iman and taqwa, as he went back every single day to develop this ritual of ihsan (spiritual excellence). Each day he woke up for Fajr and wrote out another 5 lines of Quran, his self-esteem and self-confidence soared…
If you want TONNES of more effective strategies to achieve each of your personal Quran goals, check out…

Can the reward for excellence be anything other than excellence?” Surah Rahman (55: 60)"
credit to : TimeForQuran

July 21, 2011

Choose your own cup.


ps: Busy Busy Busy!

June 27, 2011


On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain.

June 19, 2011


Even in the dark hole, there must have light.

If someone out there have depression right now, I recommend you to read 'How To Turn Life's Lemon into Lemonade, Healthy Thinking' by Dr. Tom Mulholland. His book helped me out from the dark pit hole depression lil bit before :)

June 16, 2011

Kaab bin Malik.

This picture was taken from the teater "Menunggu Kata Dari Tuhan" at UIAM. This teater is all about Kaab bin Malik a.s, the Companion of the Prophet (acted by Sabri Yunus) waiting for the repentance from God because he didn't go to War of Tabuk without any reason.

This is the story that I read when I was Form 3 at Surau Sekolah. For me, it is the longest hadith in the Story of the Prophet's Companion Book.

Please, I recommend you to read his story how hard he want to get repentance from God. Serius menangis terharu time first time bace dulu.

Source Pic


ps : Sori, post ni sume ttg Behind the Photo Contest 2011 by Bro Long Haffiz. Sbab aku dah follow blog Long Haffiz ni 2 tahun time awal2 jadi blogger, alang2 baru start blogging balek, join je la contest ni.  Sebelum ni, ak dah penah join Contest Baca London, tapi x menang la.haha.

Sape2 rajin, tekan [Like] . 


Berhingus, Jahil, Mistake, First Love, X Matang, Adventure = Youth.

ps: Miss being young and innocent.

June 14, 2011


 Click above pic to zoom.
ps : Baru nak wat post pasal Theory vs Reality, tapi harini WW#2.

June 12, 2011

Reminder :)


Memang dah JODOH. Bertunang kejap terus kahwin.

Congratz Kak Long & Abe Joe.

Btw, saje nak tunjuk First Malaysian Wedding Video 100% by IPHONE 4 & IPOD by cstproduction. style kot.

First Malaysian Wedding Video 100% by IPHONE 4 & IPOD from cstproduction on Vimeo.

ps : "Mane nak cekau duet oii" - Shakir Shabudin.

June 07, 2011


June 03, 2011


Dulu, time akhir2 time Form 3, bile kene pilih samada nak masuk Science Stream or kelas Latihan Kejuruteraan. (kelas LK kompem2 aku x nak masuk, x reti melukis langsung) slalu terpikir ade kemampuan ke tak nak blaja Biology, Physics, Chemistry bile dah masuk Form 4.

Time Form 3, belek2 buku Bio, Chem, Phy senior macam susah gile nak blaja.
Name makhluk2 dalam Bio tu pelik2 i.e Sclerenchyma, adenosine triphosphate, monosaccharide etc etc. *bg aku pelik time tu*
Rase cuak ja kalu masuk Science Stream ni kantoi.

Tapi, selalu tenangkan diri sendri . Sume mende kite blaja kene ikut level2. Dari level senang ke susah. cth time umor 3 tahun, truih blaja Add Math, mesti susah gile. *exception for genius*

So, skrang ni. Lepas belek2 buku "Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment", apasal term2 lg la pelik?. Terpikir lepas dapat official letter MBBS dari main campus Kuantan.


Tengok la macam mana nanti and please pray for me. hoho. Harap2 boleh pass sume.


p/s: No. I'm not officially a medical student yet. Bulan 9 ni baru masuk as a first year medical student. Sebelum ni ramai ingat I'm already a medical student, siap tanye "kalau kene simptom ni, mende ape sebenaqnya?"
Sorry, I don't know. Sepatutnye, penyakit2 ni sile tanye doctor. hoho.

pp/s :

“Ya Allah, berkatilah hidup kami di bulan Rejab dan Syaaban dan sampaikan (hayat) kami kepada bulan Ramadan.”

Ahlan Wasahlan Rejab!

May 21, 2011



Basically, kalau kite bina Baitul Muslim and produce banyak2 anak and didik anak2 kite dgn didikan Islam yang mantap. So, kite dah dikire menyumbang sedikit sebanyak for Uprising of Islam.

Deep in my heart, our generation spark off the uprising of Islam. Boleh nampak kesedaran ttg Islam dulu and skang jaoh beze.

credit to : Bro Zubair.

May 03, 2011

random. 100th

February 08, 2011

Our generation?

Sultan Muhammad al Fateh

February 07, 2011

Kuantan : Voyage to The Future

Masjid Indera Mahkota Campus. (macam Kubah Al-Sakhra kat Palestine)
                            Before departure                                          Kulliyah of Medicine
Afiq G : "Tu mamat gile kamera". XD. Luqman. Subhi. Bunyamin.
Gerbang KOM
Gathering place for Medic students.
Big Sahel Akmal Tower Clock. hoho
Model : Syafiq. Hazmie.

East Coast Mall : "The Most Happening Place in Kuantan"-Afiq G said sarcastically.haha

Baru aku tau peserta2 program ni ramai bdak DQ. huhu.

Haidar. *Bukan photoshop.*
Din dah maju skang woo.Seyes weh!

Chalet Aman Sari *pic yg ade. bukan aku shoot*

ps : Sebagai Programme Coordinator utk Trip To Kuantan ni, aku betol2 mintak maaf atas segale kekurangan yg ade. seyes, mmg byk kekurangan.

pps:To Medcy committee, sorry ak x p Post Mortem aritu, ak kene submit EAP esok hari nye *this is an excuse, obviously.huhu* kalu korg nk tau gak ape aku nak bg tau time post mortem, aku post dlm ni in the next post. sorry guys, I did my best.

*These are personal pictures.not officially from MEDCY*
and I NEED A DSLR.*Nikon or Canon?*

War & Revolution.

Hail Rome Victorious


Maybe, 'war' is a big word. I'm talking about fighting or ..hmmm.. maybe, the suitable word is war.

It easy to spark something using stick-and-stone method, aggressive method to oppress or annihilate another side that you hate.

It is simple just like this.Follow these steps.

1. You meet someone that is based on your first impression, he will harm you, or not suitable to hang out with and then, he did something for example, always back bitting someone, or bragging bout himself being a brilliant teacher pet kid. I mean anything that you don't like or you hate. Anything that seems to you is NOT YOUR TYPE.
(rebellious man not comfortable with religious one, or "I-am-a-nice-person" so called person avoid someone that seems "you're-can't-be-better-than-me".) get it?

2.You avoid to talk or you talk with him for desperately important cause only (for sure, your interest only).

3.You just see anything bad about him. Negative.Dark side.He's no better than me.

4. When you feel insecure like he will take over your interest, maybe your best friend, your reputation or anything.

5. Start to spread bad news about him.( one of the 'war' methods).

6. In your mind, "I want to annihilate him, he must die or can't even lift his finger, rotting in the hell created by me" (expression meh)

Easy,right.? Many of us, when we meet someone that for us, "not-suitable-for-me", maybe not suitable as a friend,or a classmate or whatever role you want.

 We will hurt him physically or emotionally.(macam budak2 time skolah kutuk cikgu yg dorang benci or reject bdak2 yg korang anggap PELIK.huhu. ) This concept applies in bully concept and also in bigger world.That is war.

Just like Bush sparked the war with Iraq for AN unreasonable reason (without any clear proof) that Iraq has nuclear weapon. End of war.No such thing "nuclear weapon".WTFish?

Just like the Romanian attacked other kingdoms to show they are powerful, strongest man and conquer the world (at the end. they're not)

Just like the Egyptian government oppressed and banned the organisation that opposed them like Muslim Brotherhood for a "terrorism and extremism" reason.

Simple question. After we annihilate (literally or figuratively) the other side that we hate. After that...WHAT?

They will always follow your order just like a slave?

They will never fight back?

They will smile always and accept anything happen to them?


They will fight back. If all their race or organisation already being completely annihilated by you, their successor,their son, their children will fight back.

Even, after 30 or 50 or hundred years, they will fight for their right, their belief, not like a puppet.

Because, they are HUMAN.They have HOPE and BELIEF.

And if another side does similar thing when they win?. They oppress the lost side or pay for revenge.?

The cycle will keep recycle.

War is an interesting bloody addictive game without a clear FINISH LINE.

The important thing to stop this cycle is we MUST UNDERSTAND each other.

Guess what?Human always restrict themselves to do THIS SIMPLE SINGLE STEP because they think, this step is complicated one to accomplish. Mental Block.

ps: Got the idea after playing "Rome: Total War". It is quite cool and addictive. Yeah, I as the Rome attack other kingdoms to conquer the world but in long term, that is IMPOSSIBLE because other side will fight back for sure.and sorry for my English. lame x blog weh.haha.

pps (Egypt Revolution): Hasta la vista Hosni Mubarak. The People don't want YOU as their leader after what you and your government have done for 30 years. Resign! 

Egypt is seething !

Viva la Revolución!

January 03, 2011

Wake Up.

Streamlining for Main Campus Course------> Interview

ps: nak bace exp INTERVIEW senior lepas. kat SINI

January 02, 2011


 ps : Tumblr is Cool~

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