May 03, 2011

random. 100th

Miscalculate the amount of caffeine I should take, I end up do not sleep this whole night.

Insomnia? That zombiely disease was already being thrown away from my life. I try to make sure daily amount of caffeine is sufficiently taken. A morning without coffee is like sleep.

When I try to sleep this night, I pick up my Walkman and listen to some song to make me sleepy. Well, it doesnt work and I get my handphone to check what time is it right now.

*4.47 AM*

So, I can calculate how much I could sleep to make sure I get ready for the class.Hmmm... tomorrow is mid semester exam.

Subconsciously, I check one by one all the messages that I got before this and realize there's too many sms from my fellow friends but LACK of sms from my family. It's not because they didnt sms me, but i'm too lazy to reply them. I guess when all my family members live away from home i.e. hostel, it make our relationship bond weaker and we don't clearly know what's going in our family.

Well, that explains why every time I came back home, I feel like a stranger in my own house.

For the record, no. We don't have any family problem. Just ordinary problem like everyone else.

Owh, whatever, dosser! Sleep.

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