February 08, 2011

Our generation?

Sultan Muhammad al Fateh

February 07, 2011

Kuantan : Voyage to The Future

Masjid Indera Mahkota Campus. (macam Kubah Al-Sakhra kat Palestine)
                            Before departure                                          Kulliyah of Medicine
Afiq G : "Tu mamat gile kamera". XD. Luqman. Subhi. Bunyamin.
Gerbang KOM
Gathering place for Medic students.
Big Sahel Akmal Tower Clock. hoho
Model : Syafiq. Hazmie.

East Coast Mall : "The Most Happening Place in Kuantan"-Afiq G said sarcastically.haha

Baru aku tau peserta2 program ni ramai bdak DQ. huhu.

Haidar. *Bukan photoshop.*
Din dah maju skang woo.Seyes weh!

Chalet Aman Sari *pic yg ade. bukan aku shoot*

ps : Sebagai Programme Coordinator utk Trip To Kuantan ni, aku betol2 mintak maaf atas segale kekurangan yg ade. seyes, mmg byk kekurangan.

pps:To Medcy committee, sorry ak x p Post Mortem aritu, ak kene submit EAP esok hari nye *this is an excuse, obviously.huhu* kalu korg nk tau gak ape aku nak bg tau time post mortem, aku post dlm ni in the next post. sorry guys, I did my best.

*These are personal pictures.not officially from MEDCY*
and I NEED A DSLR.*Nikon or Canon?*

War & Revolution.

Hail Rome Victorious


Maybe, 'war' is a big word. I'm talking about fighting or ..hmmm.. maybe, the suitable word is war.

It easy to spark something using stick-and-stone method, aggressive method to oppress or annihilate another side that you hate.

It is simple just like this.Follow these steps.

1. You meet someone that is based on your first impression, he will harm you, or not suitable to hang out with and then, he did something for example, always back bitting someone, or bragging bout himself being a brilliant teacher pet kid. I mean anything that you don't like or you hate. Anything that seems to you is NOT YOUR TYPE.
(rebellious man not comfortable with religious one, or "I-am-a-nice-person" so called person avoid someone that seems "you're-can't-be-better-than-me".) get it?

2.You avoid to talk or you talk with him for desperately important cause only (for sure, your interest only).

3.You just see anything bad about him. Negative.Dark side.He's no better than me.

4. When you feel insecure like he will take over your interest, maybe your best friend, your reputation or anything.

5. Start to spread bad news about him.( one of the 'war' methods).

6. In your mind, "I want to annihilate him, he must die or can't even lift his finger, rotting in the hell created by me" (expression meh)

Easy,right.? Many of us, when we meet someone that for us, "not-suitable-for-me", maybe not suitable as a friend,or a classmate or whatever role you want.

 We will hurt him physically or emotionally.(macam budak2 time skolah kutuk cikgu yg dorang benci or reject bdak2 yg korang anggap PELIK.huhu. ) This concept applies in bully concept and also in bigger world.That is war.

Just like Bush sparked the war with Iraq for AN unreasonable reason (without any clear proof) that Iraq has nuclear weapon. End of war.No such thing "nuclear weapon".WTFish?

Just like the Romanian attacked other kingdoms to show they are powerful, strongest man and conquer the world (at the end. they're not)

Just like the Egyptian government oppressed and banned the organisation that opposed them like Muslim Brotherhood for a "terrorism and extremism" reason.

Simple question. After we annihilate (literally or figuratively) the other side that we hate. After that...WHAT?

They will always follow your order just like a slave?

They will never fight back?

They will smile always and accept anything happen to them?


They will fight back. If all their race or organisation already being completely annihilated by you, their successor,their son, their children will fight back.

Even, after 30 or 50 or hundred years, they will fight for their right, their belief, not like a puppet.

Because, they are HUMAN.They have HOPE and BELIEF.

And if another side does similar thing when they win?. They oppress the lost side or pay for revenge.?

The cycle will keep recycle.

War is an interesting bloody addictive game without a clear FINISH LINE.

The important thing to stop this cycle is we MUST UNDERSTAND each other.

Guess what?Human always restrict themselves to do THIS SIMPLE SINGLE STEP because they think, this step is complicated one to accomplish. Mental Block.

ps: Got the idea after playing "Rome: Total War". It is quite cool and addictive. Yeah, I as the Rome attack other kingdoms to conquer the world but in long term, that is IMPOSSIBLE because other side will fight back for sure.and sorry for my English. lame x blog weh.haha.

pps (Egypt Revolution): Hasta la vista Hosni Mubarak. The People don't want YOU as their leader after what you and your government have done for 30 years. Resign! 

Egypt is seething !

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

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