October 28, 2011

Age and Maturity.

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Salam and should I say 'Hi' too? Long time no see eh?

Alhamdulillah, today is the day of NINTEEN YEARS I live in this complicated and interesting world. There's a lil bit confusion about my real birthday bcoz in FB, I put my bday on 28th October but,the real one is 29th October. Only some of my friends remember it well ! Yeah, it's today.haha. Nevermind, who cares and I don't care.. The difference is only ONE day.

Typical way to start the post with a question: Have you ever heard the older the people, more matured they are?

Ya, I know. Many people stick to this one "Old people is mature people". I agree old people have more experience than younger one but when it comes to maturity, I guess it's not suitable to say that.

Maturity is not about you have more experience than others. It's not about you know better than others. Maturity is all about how to deal with complicated knowledge and experience that you get in your life and come out with simple and thoughtful opinion that will change part of the world like politics or worldview.

Some old people have vast of experience in certain field but reject everything that is voiced out by young generation is considered as immature.

Mature people always hear other peoples' opinion first. They will not accept or reject others' opinion blindly. They will hear everthing and when it comes to discussion, they will point out the objective of the discussion clearly before start it. They will find the similarities between their opinion and opinion of another side instead of come to find the differences. They tend to reelevate their some parts of their opinion if others' opinion make sense in certain aspect.When it comes to end of discussion, they will accept the differences between their opinion and appreciate it like " Okay, this is my opinion and that's yours".

Reject other opinion and think "I'm always right!" is immature and lead to stupidity.

Every time I go back to my village, I always pretend to be an older people than my real age, for sure I did not tell my age. If I don't reveal it when discussing with older people, they tend, at least hear my opinion or accept it.

If you introduce yourself, " I'm nineTEEN-year-old and still study bla bla bla...", subconciusly, they will take your opinion lightly even though, it's clear your opinion is reasonable.

In FB, I intentionally hide my age and sometimes, older people tend to add me and discuss about many current issues without knowing my real age. For example, about BERSIH, HIMPUN, philosophy, politics, health issues, current world news etc. Maybe, my opinion sounds stupid or simple for them but at least you will hear their mature opinion and you can learn something.

Age doesn't represent maturity. So, don't be an arrogant people. When you feel you're smarter than others, you're considered as a STUPID person.

Then, always hear other opinion first even though it comes from a kid.You will find a diamond of knowledge.

ps: Pardon me if my english is horrible and have many grammatical mistakes. It's about..let see. 1,2,3 4 hmmm... 5 months I didn't blog at all or write something in English. :'D

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fatihah azemi said...

truly agree. there are some of my friends, they always said other are not matured and not looking at themselves. not accepting others opinion and bla bla..i was like, 'huh? matured nye die =.='

oh yeah.selamat masuk umoq 20.haha.entah kali kebrapa aku wish =.=

ur english, is still good mehh.. :)

Hanih Borhan said...

hmm, x nafikan mmg ada sesetgh org2 b'umur anggap budak2 generasi kita ni mentah & x taw apa2...

to me, age doesn't represent maturity, but experience does...
yelah, kalau seseorg tu tua, tapi xde apa2 pengalaman, x bawak kpd kematangan jgk kn?...

wallahualam :)

mimiqt said...

Wah. How late am I to notice this entry. Occupied with "stuffs", you may say.

It's nice to be young and full of wisdom. I certainly appreciate mature discussions too, rather than talking to someone older than me but treating me like a 10 years old kid. Even a 10 years old kid can be different in his/her maturity level, depending upon particular upbringing etc.

Honestly, it does not feel great to judge people but being respectful of others views and opinions is a good start for a responsible and justified judgement afterwards.

Peace :)

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