June 16, 2011

Kaab bin Malik.

This picture was taken from the teater "Menunggu Kata Dari Tuhan" at UIAM. This teater is all about Kaab bin Malik a.s, the Companion of the Prophet (acted by Sabri Yunus) waiting for the repentance from God because he didn't go to War of Tabuk without any reason.

This is the story that I read when I was Form 3 at Surau Sekolah. For me, it is the longest hadith in the Story of the Prophet's Companion Book.

Please, I recommend you to read his story how hard he want to get repentance from God. Serius menangis terharu time first time bace dulu.

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ps : Sori, post ni sume ttg Behind the Photo Contest 2011 by Bro Long Haffiz. Sbab aku dah follow blog Long Haffiz ni 2 tahun time awal2 jadi blogger, alang2 baru start blogging balek, join je la contest ni.  Sebelum ni, ak dah penah join Contest Baca London, tapi x menang la.haha.

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Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

welcome to the club!
Thanks tau join..hahaha

fatihah azemi said...

nice one.should try to read that story

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