January 23, 2010

oohh.. i had created a BLOG,,,i can't believe it!!!!

First post..


Actually I don't know what to write
BUT,,i feel i need to share my own opinions with other people,,
furthermore,,my DORMMATE always express HIS opinion in his BLOg..i felt jelez..
I want My OWN!!

in my BRAIN,,,there are something I want to shout out,,,
about religion,,country,,politics,,feelings,,facts,,
n,i also want to improve my English writing in dis BLOG

i'm writing this post on the morning of 24th JAN...
i still cannot sleep bcoz,,i had some insomniac probs...... mmg PROB,,big prob
I miss to become a real person.i mean normal person... This probably because of some depression PROB,,(im not crazy,,dont worry bout it!!).

p/s:so,,ak bdak br blaja nk wat blog,,,n then...if there is any probs bout my POST,INFORM ME!!


juz ordinary student,,,stadi in publicly UNIVERSITY.....

ok,,,thats ALL..NOW,,i want to make my assigments....there are THOUSAND OF ASSGMNTs...!!!!..(haha,,Juz Kidding,,:D)

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ky0 husAini said...

ok la... hensem gak blog ko...

sahel akmal said...


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