May 26, 2015

Let's Spread Our WIngs

Maybe because we are both losing ourselves.
I feel that I can relate to you. We are very similar.
Trying to correct our mistakes, when everyone says its too late. 
I don't believe there is anything that isn't reparable in this world.
I'm not strong enough, but I'm trying to be strong.
People keep on saying stop thinking about yourself, but what can we see on the outside without knowing what's inside. 
God brought you to me.
You give me light to the path that I am searching for all these times.
I don't know where will I be directed, if I haven't meet you.
So, I'm grateful for that. I know you come to help me. Maybe I also come to your life to help you.
From the very start, I already have a strong instinct that we are gonna stick with each other for a long time.
This is a miracle. You are very special.

by A

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