September 25, 2010

my pets..=)

Elder brother...

Oh..I'm the eldest brother in my family..and I think it's been awhile I didnt give any advice or some's job.

and Mid Sem Break, Ibu asked me to send my sis to Kuala Lipis by bus because there is something important that she must attend.

Seriously, when we are talking each other, she is like a stranger, I didn't know her problems, her friends, her concern like I cant read her mind (everyone cannot read people's mind..i mean Literally cannot).*All my siblings studying at the hostel school*
When she started discuss about her problems, like 'why this is happening to her'.. about many problems.

I said " How about I tell you the story of the Japanese fishermen ( I read it in Life is an Open Secret ) ? Then, you reminisce whether your problem is REAL problem or it's just some kind of..."

*speak in Kelantanese dialect*

The Japanese have always love fresh food. Fresh crabs, fresh prawns, fresh fish, fresh sushi, and anything fresh, but the waters close to Japan have not held many fish for decades.So, to feed these Japanese people, fishing boats become bigger.

The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring in the fish. PROBLEM?..yeah..there is a problem here.The trip took more than a few days and the fish would not be fresh.Like I said, the Japanese only love fresh food, and hate the taste of not-so-fresh fish.

Problem?..So, they need solution here.They install freezers in their boats and they will freeze the fish while catching the fish at sea.Freezers allowed them to go farther and stayed longer.

Maybe the Japanese is too picky, they could taste the differences between fresh and frozen, and they did not like the taste of frozen fish.The frozen fish being sold at lower price.

"Any idea to solve this problem?."asked me.

This time, they installed fish tanks.The idea was this- they would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks-ALIVE. After little trashing around,the fish would stop moving.They were tired and dull, but they were still alive right?

How about this idea?..Nah, FAILED!. The Japanese could still taste the difference. Since the fish did not move for days, they had lost their oh-too-fresh-fish taste ( Picky2 Japanese,huh ! ).They preferred the taste of lively fish, not sluggish fish. "We want lively fish...!, We want fish..!, We want want fresh fish...!"

That is when they had their brilliant idea. Not sluggish fish, not frozen fish.

They came out with new idea. To keep the fish tasting fresh all the time,the Japanese fishermen still put live fish into the tanks, but, now, they add a small shark to each tank..! The shark eats a few fish, but most of the fish arrive in a very lively state, because they now have to swim actively to avoid being eaten by the shark (eventhough , they will being eaten by that Picky Japanese). The fish are challenged.

My sis asked, "So, do you want to tell me we must always use many solution to solve our problem?.."

Me " Kind of, but there is something more important than that."


Me "The adversities, the problem that we face in our lives are actually our little sharks- sharks that we need to make sure we stay awake,alive, vibrant and active (so, we can be eaten by that picky Japanese because we're fresh fish.hoho ).These sharks will make us more competent, intellegent, matured, and persistent in our lives.

How about we begin to slack off in our duties (maybe sometime,I did that), growing tired?...

Yup,we will be eaten! (not literally)

My sis "Yeah, great!.That's how our life works"


I have my little sharks that always wandering around me to eat me.

 His name is Hitam (not little one). He always keep me busy to handle many activities at UIA.
He is a tough one and not my pet. Still cannot tame him.What the FISH!

This is a cute one. Everyday I meet her everywhere. Always bite me but, I can handle her.
Make me always keep studying. Name? "ExamO". Now, his big bro want to eat me a.k.a MUET.hehe

 This is Baby Papadomabuchi. Juz weird lil fish that make keep me asking too many 
weird question about life,religion, politics, society and yadaa yadaa. (That's me in that pic..hoho)

P/s: How about your SHARKS, my frens?

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syazwanshahdan said...

salam.. sahel btol klu xde obstacle or problem hidup jadi xbez..
n kite kurg usaha nk improve..
analogy shark tu bagus..

btw, ak dah dgr try try try..
best.. tp ak lagi suke life is wonderful :D

sahel al-fateh said...

wassalam..syazwan,yup, btw, ak da lame dgr lagu life is wonderful, so, try try try ni, br nk dgr,,hoho

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