June 21, 2010


salam and heya....

it's been awhile i didnt post anything..even i think i want to lock my blog and stop blogging..

it's because i'm kinda confused WHY i blog,for what reason i post something...because i think i'm not blogging because i want to blog

when i remembered back then, i want to blog because i want to improve my English,.i want to express my own opinions without any influence of other things.

Recently, i'm blogging because i want to please people to read my blog,i want to show to everyone "i'm the best" and i'm kinda hypocrite.

One of my friends that is old timer blogger since he was at secondary school, he said his blog now is all about his bright side, not original content and maybe there was copy-paste from another blog.

Then, he find himself blogging because he just want to increase his followers and pleased them. That's kinda of sad, rite? he know he is lying to his ownself and now, he start another blog that represent himself.

so, i must take time to make sure, i blog because I WANT IT!...


3 Footsteps:

Loyar Lawa said...

sedeh2... jgn lh dtgalkan yer.... i always read ur blog...so keep blogging yeahh... :-)

sahel al-fateh said...

thanx loyar lawa..huhu,,tgh cr semangat blogging yg hilang..hoho

Mohd Herie Farish said...

(-_-)... huh, it is very difficult to write right??? somehow, we have to consider the readers when we want to write something... but, that is not ourselves kan? kan? anyway, teruskan blog weh~~~~` kite always ja bace blog ko~~~~~

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