May 09, 2010

happy mother's day!

My mother is one of the most positive people I have ever known, and I have learned so much from her throughout my life. No matter the situation or how bad things appeared, she always looked on the bright side. Her entire world as a housewife might be caving in, but it was still a 'great day'. Have you ever been around people like that?

I called it 'active hope'.That kind of relentless hope is contagious. She always happy-delighted that Allah had given her a brand new day- and she know that, tomorrow was going to be even better.

One year ago, I received my SPM result and with self-cofidence, sure, I thought I will get straight A's....but,unfortunately, I just got 9A1 and 1 B3...huh?....I thought B3 is a biology subject but, it was an English subject...!...English?..

While my parents hugged me and said" Congratz" many times, I keep asking myself...why English?...I'm not a loser in English, I used to get highest mark in my class before..and for sure,i cant apply for any scholarship to pursue my study at overseas..

I began to sulk and then I began to list all my success from PTS (Penilaian Tahap Rendah) until PMR, results were always - flying colour-I was a perfectionist before- how tragic it was for me, I tend to climb to the peak of Everest and that day, I was buried in the ground.

I let my negative comments pour out of my mouth while Ibu just looked at me with an upbeat smile, the same she always had, and after I finished my pity party, she simply replied, "Well, you had a great life, my son- You always tend to get good grades, and wow, 9A's,,what a great gift..! and everyone is happy with ur result"...yeah..i can see my abah with his happy face, my friends, my teachers..hmm.."i dont know,Ibu, maybe, u'r right"
now, I always want to improve my English and one of my alternative ways is through blogging.=)

And when I didn't get JPA scholarship for PILN and just get it for local university, Monash University,Sunway...I started to think my dream is over..but, she said " There are thousands out there want to get JPA scholarship, but Thank God.. you get it and also get a chance to pursue your studies as medical student rite?"..then, I asked JPA to change my scholarship for Monash U to IIUM..wooh..

What an amazing way of thinking!.No matter what circumstances comes along,that woman always has a great attitude.

Did she recognize the reality of harsh situation and struggle?..Sure she did! her childhood,she just a daughter came from very poor family, and she managed to achieve her dream to become a teacher...!

What she chose to do about those situations was something else entirely.She chose to have hope that a better day was coming, and to believe that God always has everything under control. I realize now that I actually grew up in a household with a motivational person. She continually saw the positive side to every difficulties in life.

Although her food and lifestyle choices have not always been the best, my mother is getting older now but she is still experiencing vibrant health. I believe much of that good health is due her amazing ability to control her thought life. She tell herself what she is going to think, rather than allowing circumstances and problems in life to dictate her attitude.

A positive attitude won't give you everything in life, but it will bring you more than negative thinking. The way we think is a choice. So if you have a chance to choose one attitude or another, choose to be positive.We become what we think about. A person is what they think about all day long.

Our thoughts have tremendous power. if you sow a thought, you reap an action, if you sow an action, you reap a habit, if you sow a habit, you reap character, and if you sow character, you reap a destiny for a lifetime.

What we continually think about today determines who we will become tomorrow. What does that means to us?...It's simple- we have to change the way we think..!..Controlling our thought life is extremely important..!

p/s: thank you,Ibu, I will be a good son for you, happy mother's day everyday!

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-dorabear- said...

Allah wanted to test that you will realize that HE is the MOst Giving (Ar-Razzaq)..He is the only who can give us success and failure..because He is the one who created success and grateful to HIM =)

sahel al-fateh said...

@bro rahman..

yeah..thanks for good advices..
n alhamdulillah, i know there will be a 'hikmah'.

nurulraihana said...

kau buat aku rse cm rinduuuuuu gile mak aku. tsk tsk! nk balik :(

sahel al-fateh said...


oh,ak x terdelete komen ko,hehe

vida la rasta said...

waoooooohhhhhh your life is something and send my regards to ur superb mother... suspect.... :-)

-dorabear- said...

may be not A hikmah..but LOTS of hikmah =)

sahel al-fateh said...

@vida la rasta
yeah..sure..i will do that..thanks for your compliment..

yeah..LOTS of bad.hehe

Anonymous said...

keep it up :)

Herie Farish Al-Fateh said...

Dear friend,
Praise be to Allah as you still get a place; pre-med at the IIUM... (^_^)...
anyway, study smart k for the last 2 semesters... See you next year at KOM... InsyaAllah~~~~~~~~~~

sahel al-fateh said...

insha 4II1..amiinnn~

Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

uisyh..english..haha..xbraper nak paham..hehe..memen jer..Thumbs up bro..

K. M. P. Master said...

Nice dedication to your mother...mine was never good.

syazwanshahdan said...

sahel, I believe mother is our number 1 supporter..
they can accept us no matter how worst our situation..
n yor spm result wasnt bad at all..
plus, kite dah tak gune result tu skrg kan..

btw, nice post :D

sahel al-fateh said...

yeah, i'm always believe it.

spm,haha,i know,now,CGPA2.!.haha

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