October 04, 2010

Change-- Henshin..!

Kamen Rider KABUTO cool kan?


Have you ever watched Kamen Rider KABUTO or other Kamen Rider?

They have their own belt to CHANGE and become a Kamen Rider.

Cool kan?...

Sound childish ?..

When I watch Kamen Rider, that HENSHIN (Change ) keep me  changing in my life.

Is it not easy to change rite,?..I admit it. That's a fact!.

Maybe, your parent or your friends,they always keep asking you to change yourselves. Maybe your habit, your attitude or just your appereance but no one can change us, except....yeah..US..! Only us can change ourselves.

I have this idea that everyone want to change.At least, everyone would think about it even just one sec.

The poor want to change become a rich person

The bad criminal want to change become a good one.

The burnt out person want to change become a motivated.

The just-little-ugly man want to become a handsome and charismatic person.

You have that tought rite?

Maybe I'm not a suitable person to teach you how to change but, I'm just saying.

So,here we are.

1.Don't change ..........drastically.

 Oh.! Let me share you my story.

My first year at university, I had this feeling, I mean burnt out feeling. My life is confusing, studying inconsistently, boring life and yada yada yada.

Then, one day, I made a decision to CHANGE after I read some motivation books. I set my new vision and targets, I made a timetable,change my room's appereance, change my personality, always go to the mosque, i CHANGE everything ,like I'm the most motivated and systematically person in this planet and guess what?..yeah, after one week, I forgot my vision, hardly seen my timetable,and that's all..!, I felt like a hypocrite that time because I didnt felt that was myself.

That will happen when you want to change yourselves everything DRASTICALLY. Change is a good thing, Don't get me wrong BUT if you change smoothly, you will achieve your own target.

How about this analogy (terpengaruh dgn Cg Ali,haha.Cg Ali, Cg Ali ), you own Proton SAGA car that you always drive it to go to your workplace or your university.

One day, you send it to workshop and they modify EVERYTHING about that car, its engine, its bumper, its appeareance and become a Mitsubishi LANCER EVO. Yeah.! Only one day . How does it feel when you see it?..Do you FEEL that car is YOUR Proton SAGA when you drive and see it?..Absolutely NO.!..It become completely different from your car and you feel like "This is not my car, where is my car huh?"

How about this? You modify that car, but you don't change it drastically. For example, this year, you change its tires, after one year, you change its bumper, and so on. After 10 years, it become like this.

Cool...eh? Different huh?.but, if you keep driving that car ( not literally ) in that 10 years and keep modifying. After 10 years, when you drive that car, its seat, its smell, it is familiar rite?..and you know and feel

" This is MY car..!"

geddit?....x paham?..oh crap..nape aku dok menulis mende mengarut ni ..haha

Exception :

If someone must change drastically like become a Muslim revert. That's completely different. They must face many hardship to change themselves and please guide them. Tabik spring dol..!

2.Set your target and REWARD yourselves.

When you want to change, you must set reasonable target. Different types of change have different targets.

For example, you always sleeping when lecture time, so, how bout ur target is to hold ur sleep for just one HOUR?

Another example, you want to deactivate your FB account for the rest of your life, and how about you deactivate it for just one WEEK first time, and after you achieve that target, reward yourselves.Maybe just a candy or shopping time, I don't care, choose your own reward. Then, after two days, set new target to deacvticate it for one month.Keep doing it until you can deactivate for the rest of ur life. Easy huh?..Target, reward, target , reward.


This is the most difficult part about change. Maintain your achievement.

My close friend that I know her since childhood. One day, I don't know, maybe her head hit a rock or something, she changed became a very good girl, start recite al-Quran Kareem everyday, always helping people, talking like an educated woman, like "Are-u-sure-this-is-Rin (bukan nama sebenar ) ?". Alhamdulillah, that's a good sign, but after maybe one month, she turned back to become her oldself.

There are two factors that we need to focus to maintain our achievement.

First, you need a guidance that can always support you, give advice, guide you like friends, parent or teachers.

About Rin, no one guide and advice her .So, she was easily burnt out.!

2nd. Knowledge.

Yeah, knowledge. If you want to change and maintain it, you must have your knowledge by your side.That knowledge will guide you when there is no one to guide you.

By knowledge, you will find a good reason why you change.


so, let CHANGE...!


*Special for Kamen Rider KABUTO fan*

p/s : I want to be a better man

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fatihah azemi said...

nice one.relate the kamen rider and changes in life. :)

syazwanshahdan said...

sahel, kamen rider kabuto mmg paling COOL!!!
lagi2 time cast off dgn jader hyper beetle.. XKELIP MATE AKU TGK..^^, huhu

i love the idea rewarding ourselves.. kadang2 bile dah capai target lpas kje keras, lupe nk appreciate usaha kite, lupe nk celebrate..
care nk celebrate tu tpulang la kan.. huhu

kau pnah buat post pasal awek x?
bt la.. ak nak bace.. hahaha

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