October 29, 2010

Hope and Regret.


HOPE is a very strong and unique word.

Barack Obama also used this word instead hundred of words for his campaign when he ran for the President of United States post.

Hope is a word that completely can fit in ourselves.

You hope for a better world,
They hope there are no wars or economic problems,
Muslim hope the world can see Islam is a peace religion,
We hope we can become a rich person in 2-3 years.
We hope everything is going smoothly without any problem in our life.
We hope we can live or study abroad at overseas.

"Hope" makes human can strive and reach their maximum capability to get something they want in their life.

We hope for good grade for exam result.So,we study hard and smart all day, we ask our lecturer anything we don't understand, we buy many reference books, we make a study group to discuss our subject each other.


How about if all your plans for "hundred years"didn't worked as you HOPE it supposed to be.

You hope to get an opportunity to study abroad at overseas but you stuck at local university.
You hope to become a great chef , but, you come out as a guard.
You hope for beautiful wife but you didn't have a chance to get married for many years.


As humans, the feeling of regret will come out and unavoidable, especially when what we want already in front of very eyes, but, somehow, for whatever reason, we can't get it. Maybe we lack of guts, support, financial problems, or we under a circumstances that make it impossible for us to get what we hope.

This is a situation for the phrase " If only I....." easily slips in?

If only I study harder and smarter,
if only I didn't waste my time with something unreasonable,
If only I know how to manage my personality.

So, our beloved Prophet already gave us as an good advice.
Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported : " The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, " A strong believer is better and dearer to Allah than a weak one, and both are good.Adhere to that which is beneficial for you. Keep asking Allah for help and do not refrain from it. ( If you're afflicted in any way), do not say , "If I had taken this or that step, it would have resulted into such and such" but only say," Allah so determined and did as He willed". The word 'if' opens the gates of satanic thoughts.
Sahih Muslim.

Regret is a very negative feeling. Sometimes, because of regret, people do something stupid like didn't believe what was happened, suicide or kill other person, become a crazy person or the worst is they didn't believe on God. Nauzubillah.

There is no positive outcome if you just keep thinking " If only I...." for something that already happened except if you're thinking like :

"If I study harder next time, maybe I will get a better grade."

It's okay if you're thinking to reflect your own mistakes and change for the next time.

"When one door closes, another opens. But, we often look so REGRETFULLY upon the closed door that we don't see the one that has opened for us."

So, how to decrease or make that regret feeling disappear from our life?

Allah, our God already promised us :
Abu Said and Abu Hurairah reported that our Prophet ( Peace be upon him) said " No fatigue, nor disease,nor anxiety, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his SIN for that."
 Al Bukhari and Muslim.

Come on, an obvious choice for us as a human that always do many mistakes and sins.

Just imagine, you're walking to go to a supermarket happily, and accidentally, you hit a rock and suddenly fell.
Two choices :
-Keep thinking " If only I had not went to the supermarket, then, I wouldn't fell" or
-Quickly thank Allah for giving you an opportunity to expiate some sins.

We as a Muslim already given a promise by our God that He will expiate our sins if anything 'bad' happens.
We are lucky right?

This is based on my experience that my unit had been assigned to invite the exhibitors for main event in our university. We set an ambitious target to invite Petrosains, Planetarium, Pusat Sains Negara and etc. 
Hey, there's nothing wrong about being an ambitious,right?.That's what we supposed to be.

There is one week before due date and we still been rejected by all those people that are busy handle their own event. Oh.! We already contacted many exhibitors. Just imagine, you have less than a week to invite someone to fill in a large space in our university's hall and no one can't come.

I kept thinking if only I had been assigned for another task, maybe just a Special Task, that will be no problem for me. 
But, there is one question keep puzzling in my mind that time " How about I manage to handle this problem, that will be a new EXPERIENCE, right Sahel?"

Maybe after this, I know how to sweet talk exhibitors to come to our main event.
I know how to communicate with someone like Dato' or CEO of company.
I know how to manage if there's no exhibitor for exhibition.(huh?)

Then,I texted Bro Afiq, my close friend a.k.a my co-advisor to ask his opinion how to deal with this problem.

First sms I got from him :

Plan for the worst, hope for the best, Bro.!

 Good ,simple advise to solve my problem?. For me, my answer is YES. (Thanks Bro! )

I already forgot that we as a human just PLANNING for what we want and only Allah has a will to make it as a success or not.

After I contacted all those exhibitors, I came out with the BACK UP PLAN- the worst plan I didn't want to do- to setup our own booth and make our own exhibition about Muslim Figure in Medicine World. huhu


Our life is boring if it runs too SMOOTHLY.

It needs some different type of problem to make it interesting.

Life is a bed of roses, right?

Ps: Oh!.I forgot. The Discovery Week exhibition is a success when two days before due date,
TELAGA BIRU SDN.BHD. agreed to come as an exhibitor.Alhamdulillah, I knew HE just want to test me. :')

Jom pi TELAGA BIRU Booth, skang ni tgh diskaun 10%-35%.hoho

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Mohd Herie Farish said...

telaga biru ni pernah mai cfs kan dulu? time bila tak ingat pulak

sahel al-fateh said...

hoho. tahun lepas Telaga Biru ade wat exhibition tp, tu sebenarnye ejen TG- student UIA pj. so, secare praktikal, dorg x dtg tp, ejen amek buku kat TG n jual

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