December 26, 2010

Malaysia vs Indonesia (not football )

I've been watching a video of Malaysia vs Indonesia football match of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 (not final) at GBK,Indonesia lately. There's a scene of when Malaysia national anthem-Negaraku being 'boo'-ed when the anthem been played, by SOME Indonesian fans (if Malaysian fan did that too, that wouldn't be nice.:p).

What I'm trying to focus is WHAT'S GOING ON?. Not to condemn those Indonesian fans.

SOME Indonesian always curse Malaysia like 'Maling-Sial' (Theft=Maling,). They said Malaysian stole too many thing like their culture, their island and etc. Come on, we're in the same Titanic II ship but in the different cabin. (Malay in Malaysia and Indonesia have same ancestor,forefather). Are you trying to say, we also kidnapped Parameswara,his father and grandfather from Indonesia to build a new government?.Logically, both of us would have similar culture.Serumpun.!

SOME Malaysian would say something "Ditch that, Indonesian in Malaysia just a maid or construction worker.Ungrateful people. We give you a job."...Wait!. ohoho..WHO ARE YOU to say something like that. Are you the one that give ALL Indonesian those jobs?.Come on. They indirectly built our beloved country. Most of workers that built KLCC, Sepang Circuit and other thing are Indonesian.( I say 'Most' because there were some Malaysians worked there like my uncle).So.we're merely a human.Weak Human.

Just for a break.Almost every day, there are some cats always leave behind its poop a.k.a 'cat perfume' in our hostel and every time, i want to go to bathroom or other places, my brain keep thinking "curse-u-cat!-even though-u're-so-cute". Next day, those poops gone.Thank God!. Personally, I thank those Indonesian worker that clean and throw those poops. The student want to clean that thing by ourselves?..pfffttt..maybe, there's slightly chance,they will clean it.Maybe.

Thats why, I hate to attach on racism, but would prefer to attach on my religion,Islam.No boundaries. All human is same.

If this thing still happens to some extent, can you imagine Titanic II crush an 'iceberg' and all of us suffer and die. Please.Just stop. purghh..I'm sick of it.Please be matured.Even my 3-years-old lil brother can think about this straight :P

Peace no war.:]
Love Malaysia and Indonesia.Haha.

ps: I wonder who is responsible to ignite this hate among us.

*terpikir tentang ni sebelum tido.terpaksa bukak laptop balek.Post sebelum idea hilang.*

*read this article wrote by our Indonesian friend.Great rite?*


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KimiWarrior91 said...

i was about to write an analysis regarding to this but you are way faster than me. uhuhu

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