December 21, 2010


it's been awhile i didnt post anything. i just woke up from very long and deep sleep.(u decide whether it's literally or figuratively)

recently, i just learned about probability in Math. It reminds me about my youth back then. SPM, high school n etc. Suddenly, i feel so old and wish, i already achieved my targets that i set back then. ( the truth is, i'm not.)

I'm not trying to teach probability here.( if u want to learn it, ask my lec)

The basic thing about probability is how many ways we could find to achieve something ,for example, 100++ ways to unlock a briefcase that has a combination lock of digits and letters. (i'm not teaching, just explain to make sure u can refresh it back about probability  :P)

Something is related about probability and my life.

Funny thing, it's how I try to find my true self in this wild world. It's all about try and error.

Throughout this year, I always want to find true self. so, there are many times I pretend as someone else,to try out whether this or those personality is suitable for me or not.

Sometimes, i'm just using my theory to choose the most suitable persona. Leader?. Pious? Athlete? Carefree?

Am i hypocrite?..i dont know, try to find out by urself. that's not the main issue here.

oh, yes. i forgot about main factor that i couldn't find myself. that's principle.that's just like a fundamental of probability.

If I know exactly what i'm looking and craving for, i will narrow down my big scope. Just like how we want to find the combination lock for a briefcase. Our focus : combination lock, not its color, its size nor its weight.

oke. done. now, i want to find my true self. just do it but not blindly, it based on my principle.

i will find that combination lock and unlock my 'self'' briefcase.

Now, i'm already on the right train to become the SAHEL AKMAL. 
This gonna be a LEGEN.........wait for it.........

*planning for travelling in Europe*

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hakimansor said...

probability bestlah!
aku suka gila!hehe

Mohd Herie Farish said...

whatever you want to be, make sure that the character suit you, in case you may find that you are troubled your self to suit into that personality (that you want to be)... and also to inculcate a good personality (being us, Muslims, a good Muslim personality, it takes time; "time-consuming" maybe... but keep on positive... because we will never see the change right away... then, time will give you the change after all the hard works that you have put to realize it... Accompanied it by a good intention, pray to Him, believe in yourself, InsyaAllah, it will come true... All the best...


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