December 24, 2010


"Where is your hometown?"

"Where do u live, ur origin?

"are u kelantanese?, I wonder"

"u're a Sarawakian?"

"where are u from?'

The question that some strangers (cikgu ke, bdak2 baru kenal ke) always asked me when we start to know each other.

Reaction : Confused face.

"Pardon me, did u ask me whether ,where i live or where i born?"

I can answer that question with many answers.Sabah? Sarawak? Kelantan? Terengganu? Pahang? 
Funny things, if they ask me,"which district?".ohoho. sorry, too many answers to choose, mate!

Sabah and Sarawak.
- I spent my most childhood time in Sabah n Sarawak.Live in a bungalow (sewa je) with other families. That house have many scorpions like we have many pet cats around our typical house (Uia, kat UKC byk gle).
-Sabah, lived at an island known as Pulau Penyu (sounds like Pulau Penyu, i guess.kinda.). Always ate turtle egg.haha.

- Stayed at my village.There are two moments I remember most. First, I spared with another boy, kampung boy.Well I lost after he used fighting technique like a Thai Boxer. Come on. that's not bad after all for me as an Island Boy. Island boy vs Kampung boy. perghh epic.!

- next day, when we played "Police Entry" or known as "Buaya Duduk", me, that didnt know much bout its rule, used "lastik" to shoot one of these boys and he cried. urgh,come on,I thought he's a tough guy. U're kampung boy, rite?..after that day, i  never play that game again with them.hoho.

-Pahang is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia, so, there were many districts I lived, one of them is Kuantan. First day I enrolled in that school, I spoke Kelantan dialect with teachers and friends. "Mung nok g mano pahni?..g make jom?" or "Ni negri Pehe dop?" and they will have this 'this-boy-is-from-another-planet?-or-he's-an-alien?' face.haha. after few months, i could speak Kuantan dialect.( every district in Pahang have different dialect eventhough there are in the same state).

-I just stayed in this state for just 6 months bcoz my dad had a problem with his co-workers, i guess.huhu. then, my house now in Kuala Lipis.

In wiki, there is a term for this type of children.

third-culture kid (TCK / 3CK) or trans-culture kid is "someone who, as a child, has spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than his or her own, thus integrating elements of those cultures and their own birth culture, into a third culture."[1] TCKs tend to have more in common with one another, regardless of nationality, than they do with non-TCKs from their own country.

Now, i have a problem to communicate with my family, even though we're TCK. we have different culture bcoz, my bro tend to speak using Lipis dialect like "‎0k jew law nak blanje..." or
"kowUnk TngOk r cndri Lagu nie...ApiT nIe sbeNanyer memBer kpd meMber Akak Ak...".wtfish.!

My sis tend to speak standard dialect or KL dialect.sometimes Kelantan dialect.

Ironically, I can easily squeeze in any state-based group. When I join conversation of Kelantan group, I tend to speak Kelantan and same apply on another group. Sounds i have many friends rite? 

The truth is they are just an acquaintance, not a close friend. I guess I just have 3 or 4 close friends.huhu.

It seems the acquaintance also bring great help in certain situation just like Malcolm Gladwell said-

"People weren't getting their jobs through their friends. They were getting them through their acquaintances. 

Why is this? Granovetter argues that it is because when it comes to finding out about new jobs -- or, for that matter, new information, or new ideas -- "weak ties" are always more important than strong ties. 

Your friends, after all, occupy the same world that you do. They might work with you, or live near you, and go to the same same churches, schools, or parties. How much, then, would they know that you wouldn't know? 

Your acquaintances, on the other hand, by definition occupy a very different world than you. They are much more likely to know something that you don't. To capture this apparent paradox, Granovetter coined a marvelous phrase: the strength of weak ties.

 Acquaintances, in short, represent a source of social power, and the more acquaintances you have the more powerful you are."

TCK sounds cool rite?.oh, now, i'm an Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCK).haha

*If I born in Kelantan, it means I'm a Kelantanese?*


This song is all about one man that didnt have any food left except moldy bread.( Budjav Lebac).
It happens in certain countries. This is sad song n .....funny. :,)

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