January 17, 2015

Random Post

This is just a random post.

For the past few weeks, there are many life changing events that happened. Well, I guess I can list some :

1. I discover I have deep interest in research and not all research papers can be referred to without critical appraisal first. Out there in medical world, there are thousands research papers conflicting each other regarding just one minut detail.

Coffee good for stroke, coffee is bad for stroke.
How many cups it is significantly reduced the risk of stroke. Some papers say 3-5 times a week, some says you need to drink more than 2 cups a day.

So, how to tell which one is more reliable or not? We need to use critical appraisal method. We must check all the standard procedure, which measurement they used. One cup of coffee in Hashiyama et al study, is it the same with one cup with let say, Robert et al study?

Oh before I forgot, our group just finish 2-hour presentation of Critical Appraisal of the research paper below.

The conclusion : If you want to reduce your risk to get stroke, you can make it a habit to drink more than 1 cup of green tea a day or 4-6 cups of coffee a WEEK.

2. Everyone have their own potential and we need to believe in it.

I'm quite suprised there are some of my friends who never join volunteer work before, volunteered themselves to join for Misi Banjir in Jerantut. Some might say there are a lot of work to be done but at the end, at least they have some exposure to volunteerism and give back to society. They managed to clean a whole surau and bilik wudhu that full of mud in one rural school in Jerantut. I hope, next time, if there are any volunteer work, at least they will think twice before they completely ignored any flyers or posters to join volunteer team.

3. Life changing event :)

In progress, but I hope everything is going to be fine. Just want to say, I'm quite happy and it boosts my self confidence and give back my burning spirit to be my old me.Old me- the young person who want to change a world. The differences is now, I have more experience than before and now, I get back my burning spirit!

4. In medical field, Public Health actually on par or more in term of workload and contribution to the society than one single specialist in specific area for example one Consultant Surgeon. I'm not saying a surgeon didnt give any contribution but if the whole medical personnel work together, it have more synergestic effect than one person expert in everything. Unfortunately, Public Health or Family Medicine seems less important than hospital based clinicians by some of our medical colleague. They are the unsung heroes!

5. I think I feel in love with Public Health. We just finish our roadshow of Ops Dengkur for one week event. The main purpose is to collect data among IIUM Kuantan staff regarding prevalence of high risk Obstructive Sleep Apnea, its associated factors and awareness level. We made up mobile team that comprised medical checkup team and questionnaire team with big promotion using banner, poster, bright colour hundreds of flyers and Facebook Page to achieve our goal. The best part is, Dr Jamal, our supervisor is so inspiring to always remind us, to work as a team and help each other to achieve one goal : to publish our research paper!

6. My best friend just lend me a book title "The Greatest Benefit to Mankind : A Medical History of Humanity From the Antiquity to the Present" by Roy Porter.Currently, I'm reading one interesting topic "From Pasteur to Penicillin" and show me a history how they start to build a foundation of etiology of disease based on bacteriology. Before this, medical personnel didnt know at all the cause of life threatening epidemic diseases like rabies, plague, tuberculosis, small pox etc.

When they found out about certain bacteria causes certain disease, they start to develop live attenuated vaccine by testing it on animal first for animal diseases. Then, progress continue until now.

I want to be like Pasteur who found a way to produce vaccine, Robert Koch that build a strong foundation how to produce vaccine and his pupils continue to develop many types of vaccine for many life threatening disease and Alexander Fleming who found out how to prevent the growth of bacteria and complement the vaccination that only boost our natural immune system.

7. I want to travel! Like before, when i was 20-21 years old. People always say, you have time but no money. I want to get some money just for the sake to travel. Some of my friends want to go to Krabi this February, I will consider myself to join them inshaAllah.

8. I want to write more! Read more! Enjoy the moment instead of rushing everything to achieve this and that. So, here I am, Sahel Akmal is writing back!

p/s: actually, this is just a random post. Tak berniat tulis panjang but tiba2 panjang.

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