March 22, 2010


salam and good morning everyone...what a nice day..hoho

yeah..i want to post about sleep..haha,,it's been awhile i didnt get enough sleep because of insomnia, work n etc...and now,i'm juz waking up from a long sleep...

so,,if u want to know a little bit about your roommates',housemates' or whatever mates' true personality,,look at the way they sleep..hmm..that's will reveal everything about them..hehe

> Foetus position

More women than men adopt this position, and are most likely to appear tough on the outside but are sensitive deep in their hearts.

> Log

Lying on the side with both arms down tells you that the sleeper is an extrovert who trusts people easily, but could be naive in nature.

> Yearner

Sleepers with both arms out in front are believed to have an open personality but could be indecisive.

> Soldier

Lying with both arms or hands pinned to the sides are people who are quiet and reserved, but tend to be loyal to their friends and partners.

> Freefall

Lying on the front with hands around the pillow, head turned to one side, reveals that the sleeper is loud, brash and does not take to criticism.

> Starfish

Lying on the back with both hands around the pillow are usually people with good listening skills and they attract many friends who seek genuine advice.

p/,,,yearner and freefall...yeah!!

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