March 09, 2010

there is a saying...

When i was a primary school student, i always heard about something that is normal in our society..there is a saying about anger...yeah,,it sound like this; "Jangan cepat marah,nanti cepat TUA" or it means is "Don't always be angry, you will get older" and we as a student always said sarcastically to our teachers especially female teachers when they angry with our screw up actions like we didnt do our homework, littering around etc....

it just a saying,but older people always say it because of their experience, not based on scientific facts or bla bla bla...

ok then,there are some scientific facts about being angry..these physical reactions typically occur in your body when you become angry.

* cortisol production increases in the adrenal glands,which raises blood pressure,raises blood sugar levels,may cause infertility in women, and suppresses the immune system
* fat storage increases
* brain cells are killed
* free radicals (unstable molecules that are believed to cause tissue damage at the cellular level) are overproduced.
* increase aging,causes wrinkles, and increases the risk of cancer
* cause disorders of digestive system,circulatory system, nervous system, glandular system, and immune system.

I have best friend since childhood, Mamat and we always joking around and do something together. After several years, I met him back at my new hometown. First time we met, he always complained about life, his family that always move away likes a nomad family and his unstable study, spoke negatively and blamed his parents. I was shocked because his happy-go-luck face had changed with wrinkles on his face and look older than his age.

This is because he always upset with his condition now and just want to angry and blame other people. Yeah, that's true about a saying "jangan cepat marah,nanti cepat tua".

so, to bloggers out there,please don't use any vulgar words to express your anger to some imperfect person in posting your opinions or comments about some issues.Yeah, i know that our government,our school, our college, our parents, or our friends had did something bad to us like miscarriage justice or etc, BUT we have other correct ways to express our own opinion likes give them advice. NOBODY's perfect,rite?

for example, there are some students at my college expressed their anger by created some groups like "WE HATE PAK GUARD AND FELLOWS UIA" in Facebook because our pak guards and fellows started to make spot check and gave summons for unreasonable mistakes,But,it changed nothing. Then, some brilliant students started to make petition via online to give that petition to our dean and it's working to stop all these craps.

so,,U get it?

p/s: that's why our Prophet (to Muslim readers), Rasulullah (peace be upon him) taught us,“Iman is patience and forgiveness.” [related by At-Tirmidhi]

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