February 20, 2010

once upon a time...

once upon a time,,,there was a little boy that always.................................................................ok,,i didnt want to write about a fairytale...

it has been a year since i has studied in IIUM and there are many experience that had taught me about LIFE..yeah,i realized that,,LIFE is too complicated but,that's mean our life is very wonderful ,rite?
there are some lessons that i got after one year as university student.
  • Stop making any excuses and nobody's gonna make you.
  • There is no such thing about FAILURE except u didnt do anything for it.
  • Expanding your VISION,what you see must be bigger than you.
  • Human is very INTERESTING,no one is exactly same with other human.
  • Simply put,If we can control the world within us,we can affect the world around us.
  • Everyone in this world needs you, don't ever think you're useless.
  • there is no 'TRY' word,there is no meaning,you must Do it or dont do it.
  • ANGER is a poison, and FORGIVENESS and HOPE are great medicine in your life.
  • The past, however glorious or miserable it is, is still the past. Yesterday is a HISTORY, Today is a GIFT,Tomorrow is a MYSTERY..
  • Life is too short and enjoy to our fullest.
  • Always think POSITIVE.
  • EXPERIENCE is a great teacher.

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Herie Farish Al-Fateh said...

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who always told himself to see on the bright side of life... but when he is growing older, he realised that life is too complicated, yet interesting for him... then, he said, he has to predict the dark side of his life...
he is no longer a teacher's pet... he has to move on his owns... he has to... at university, there is no such thing as trying, try; it is possible that he did it or he did not do it... every single thing contributes toward his cgpa... every single thing... if he was a scorer for 1st semester, it did not guarantee that is a scorer for the next semester and so on... he must keep on studying, or else he will be left far behind...

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Abdul Hayy
pengalaman saya
8th Nov 2008- 23rd Feb 2010

vida la rasta said...

gmbr atas cntikkk

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