February 14, 2010

FINAL exams is toooooo EASY.....

It was BIOLOGY exam.I was on time and was pretty much ready for it.I had been stayed up for 2 days without sleeping for sitting 4 exams in 3 days,that requires my brain to memorize all those facts in my books and Quran.This is my FINAL EXAMS....

11/2-COMPUTER-need to memorize all hardware,software,hundreds of comp term,process and etc.

ARABIC LANGUAGE-need to memorize nahu(grammar),meaning of hundreds words,Quranic verses and etc

12/2-UNDERSTANDING ISLAM a.k.a FIM -need to memorize Hadith and Quranic verses,definition,ways,critical thinking.

13/2-BIOLOGY II-I need to memorize 7 topics for final exam include complicated TAXONOMY,reproduction,ecology,ecosystem,hemeostasis,immunology,development.

Exam started when the longer arm of the clock rest on 9. I started answering like any other sane guy would.

BUT there was something wrong..!!..yeah!..somebody step on aromatic CAT's POOOOOP!!!..... my lecturer also sprayed her perfume to cover up that smell....but,,it didnt work.....hmmm..


Started from 30 MCQ questions that full with critical thinking questions,and I’ve finished it in 55-60 minutes.

Then I took the next on,3 subjective questions. It was 40-45 minutes passed when I finish that. Then came some question that needed more attention so I just kept doing them.

Another one down and at this point I’ve lost track of time. And I can’t clearly remember how many questions I’ve finished at the time but now,there is only essays questions left. Now that I’ve lost track of time, the only option was to check how much time left.I looked at the wall clock of al-Malik Faisal hall...


Just forty minutes left and I have two full essays questions to finish, *including* the question I’m quite challenged by. OK now I’m done. But there’s no way out. I can at least try to make it.

I didn’t panic. Since I knew it’s not gonna do more harm than good if I did. So I did the essays quetions. Finished it without much pain and looked at the clock, Just to find out that I’ve got only ten minutes to check and answer the MCQ questions that i didn't answer.The hardest MCQ questions for me as I believed.

My brain is not happy to process at the speed I want. So many hiccups and I start felt feared.Though I wasn’t so confident I finished essays with a feeling like “I’m not gonna get GOOD result for this “.

But why the hell everyone is still busy. Checked the answers again. No new ideas coming. Corrected few mistakes found here and there. Still no idea what’s going on. One moment I thought this should be a dream or an illusion or something I just can’t understand.For the first time,,i didnt felt confident to answer the questions..i felt like LOST..

“You have only 1 minutes left”. And GAME OVER.!!

Came out and discussed with friends.All my friends said "WTFish!!..this exam just now,TOO HARD!!!", even 3.9 students said like that.hhmmmm..ARGHHHH!!!!,

hmmm..why BIO II was too hard to answer??..last sem,,for bio I,although their question was not easy but,,if u had memorized it all,,you can answer them..BUT,,this is totally diferrent...!!!

now,,i am studying CHEMISTRY for final exam at 18th FEB....i hope CHEM exam is not as hard as BIO exam,,and no more CAT'S POOP!!!

pray for my success.!!

p/s:i just wanna to sleep....(- -,)y zzzzz

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