February 16, 2010

Just simple words**

just three words.neither too long nor too short.

if u say it to someone and everyone, there will be someone smiled.Thanks GOD bcoz there is LOVE in this world.

i love you ;

*not just for someone,BUT for everyone especially family and friends,bcoz I need it all*

p/s: adaptation from raihanacakapcakap..(she forced me to translate it in English and post it..h0h0)

2 Footsteps:

nurulraihana said...

HAHAHAHAHA! dude,its great.ceyhh! hahahahahahahahahahah :)

nurulraihana said...

btw, post kau ade gmbagmba lgi..jiwang gitu! HAHAHA! oke kau maju sket dr aku.ahaha codo

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