February 05, 2010

herie,,please dont read this post..(ha ha,JK)

Ok,,this post is all about my senior a.k.a. my roommate that will graduate next month, and we might can't see one another for the next semester.


1st sem.

He just arrived from ABC (Abu Bakar College) and entered my room at UKC I (Umar al Khattab College).He said he cannot concentrate with his study because of peer pressure at ABC.

He is a very amazing senior,always told me many important things about medicine and dentistry field.Now, I knew that,dentistry is not just about teeth but about from a neck to head.I'm really thought that,their job is to pull our teeth.(ha ha)

I'm always asked him anything about my study because he amazed knowledge , even , the syllabus that he studied two years ago,he can remember it all.

2nd sem.

he is very awesome student,all lecturers in Health Medical and Sciences Department knew him very much and this sem,he took ten courses (ordinary student just can take 4-5 courses only) because he want to finish his study off at CFS IIUM.

now,we always joking around and he is not serious or sopan2 like prev sem. i didn't felt he like my senior but more as friend.he start to 'sengal2',ha ha, but I'm only can meet him after 7 PM and before 7 am because of his hectic timetable. He always study and only sleep for 1 or 2 hours per day.( WTFish!!).

ok,good luck for your FINAL EXAMS and thank you very much for being such a good friend. Because of you,now, i realized that medicine field is not for genius or clever students but, we must have a high determination and our purpose just for our God,ALLAH..

so,good luck Mr.herie for medic and dentist interviews..see you next year and wait for REFORMAC at Indera Mahkota College,Kuantan!!!!!..haha

p/s: he is still single..hehe

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Herie Farish Al-Fateh said...

thank you for this post... penyet la kau amik gambar tu; gambar lain yang lebih hensemkan banyak; hahahaha :-p

anyway, study rerajin
jangan jadi cam kite...:-p
jadi batch leader ye untuk
Medicine batch ke 15...

kau boleh punye la~~~~~~~~

well, cool la~~~~~~~

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