February 05, 2010

at LAST..fuh**

my ex classmates

4th Feb - this day is my last day with 20++ smart girls in my class studied about Biology II (have to memorize many facts),Chemistry I (very weak in this course),Computer I(hundreds of syllabus),Understanding Islam (full with 'ayat hafazan')..

Its hard to survive in the class full with overwhelming women students .there are only two of us as BROTHERS ( in IIUM, boys known as brothers) and I felt like I'm invisible person in that class.
I'm always talked n discussed about something only with RAMZUL EKHWAN(ram)..we always joking each other until both of us felt bored because we didn't have any ideas to talk about..

Worst ,he didn't have mobile phone (not because he is old-fashioned person, but his mobile phone had been stolen) and I always informed him about important things via sending SMS to his roommate's mobile phone number. There was a incident, I got informed from my classmate about TAXONOMY and REPRODUCTION(taxonomy is a hardest topic to memorize because of hundreds of facts) bio's quizzes tomorrow at 12 AM!!!!,I tried to call Ram's roommate to inform him about quizzes but failed to do so. Tomorrow, he only got 3/10 scores for Bio's quizzes. PITY HIM..Now ,I realized how important of small things like mobile phone to us as student.

at last, my class is OVER for this semester, with some miserable and also best experience I ever had with 20++ girls. Now, I want to study hard for my FINAL ATTACK EXAMS!!!!

I forgot..by the way, I want to thank to all of my lecturers , Madam Kamaril Azlah (Bio II),Sir Haswaneezal (Chem.), Bro Kazzman (UI), Miss Siti Sarah (Comp), and Dr Khalid (Arabic L) for being nice lecturers although I'm always came late to kulliyah.
To sisters, that always cooperate with me in the class. THANK YOU very much!!

20++ girls

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