February 03, 2010


Being a student wasn't that sooo easy as I thought when I was in high school..
I really thought that being a university student is hard..but I didn’t know their difficulty is at very high level..
for me, I cant fit in with this new environment.
n their syllabus is harder than I thought....

Final exams is in next week..Wow!!
Great for me that I haven't finished studied yet!!
its OK, I’m genius (sarcastically),,hooh!

This semester is very crucial semester to increase my bad pointer from sem 1..
3.5 isn’t bad GPA rite??...but there are many students that got same pointer as me..
urghh, it's really hectic competition..to enter Kulliyah of Medicine in kuantan..

hmm ,doc to be??

What do I hope for my final exam results after this??
Of course a Damn Good Result..
Because it will make my parents really happy and proud..
n I will feel safer to stay in PRE medic course...
Study well and get good result in exams..

Do wish me luck!(-_-)

Just a scribble to clear the mess in my mind..
I think I need more coffee for me to stay up
n increase my performance to study,,,
hmm,,i HAVE TOO MUCH blood in my caffeine system...!!

In the mood of scoring in all subject in final exams..
pray to ALLAH.. amiinnn...!
study hard and smart..
GTG..I have 2 quizzes n tutorials to accomplish..

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