March 13, 2010

old school..YEAH!!

Well, this brings back memories. Childhood memories that is.

The Tora and Ding Dang.

I remembered the young me used to keep some money to buy Tora or the Ding Dang. Not because of the chocolate balls inside but because of the different toys one gets and also "TORA DTG LAGI" tv commercial.YEAH!!!

Next, some more pictures.

Choco in Ding Dang

I would think that some might not even hear about Tora and Ding Dang, perhaps maybe the rich would never heard bout it. Something like I am too "standard" to be buying stuff like that kind of thing.

Their childhood probably would be full time tuition, learning linguistic lessons, and definitely learn piano or juz watching ASTRO (no "TORA DTG LG" tv commercial). Or even, their play time would be playing golf or tennis and their hobby would be like flying the helicopter or plane or something. =p

Anyway, like what I said, it brings back childhood memories. I am considered a kampung boy. Not exactly authentic kampung boy but a kampung boy nonetheless coming from a small town.

So, what my childhood was like?

It involves climbing trees, play hide and seek, play "Polis Entry or Buaya Duduk", making own weapon (the lastik), sparing with my friends and etc. Well, you get the idea.

Hmmmm, suddenly I feel old. Those days, Tv shows such as ,Lion King, Dragon Ball, Digimon , Doraemon, Mickey Mouse,, Ultraman, and the Wat's Up Doc bunny are a must watch.

That is it already. More I think back the older I felt I have become. hmm,,,i should be more matured...

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KimiWarrior91 said...

omg u bring back my childhood memories! ingatkan ape la tadi tora n ding dang tu... bila tgk gambar, OMG! sumpah aku gila ngn dua benda tu, n ade lagi satu if ko ingat iaitu JOJO... ingat tak?

kenwooi said...

tora! haha.. i remember that very well! =D

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