March 29, 2010

what is wrong with us,,MALAYSIANS?

SATURDAY night was the second time Malaysia participated in the Earth Hour programme.
Some high-rise buildings like KLCC, Menara Maxis and KL Tower switched off their lights.
We should commend such efforts. Kudos to the respective authorities.
Generally however, Kuala Lumpur was a letdown because the city was still bright.
Other cities like Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Johannesburg and London were much darker than us.
What is wrong with us Malaysians?
How can we pledge to reduce carbon emission by up to 40% come 2020?
The ordinary citizen never seems to bother about such events.
While i'm turned off my bedroom's light, the others just ignored about that and said "ko ni semangat sgt la sahel"..and some of them playing around with their arrogant comments when i posted about EARTH HOUR..come on man..please use ur common sense...okeh?

that's why..malaysians are popular with 'The Malaysian solution', like in many other instances, does not take common logic into account but rather uses the sledgehammer approach.

We might think that nothing much can be achieved by switching off lights for an hour.
It’s not the time that counts, but the TOGETHERNESS and the WILL to do something to make this Earth a better place.
What happened on Saturday might be due to the lack of promotion by the organiser, the WWF.
We must have a will to preserve and conserve the environment for our future generations. We must discard our selfish attitude now.
If you think switching off lights and staying home is boring and stupid, why not hang out with family or friends during the hour?

That way you can kill two birds with one stone.
You can save the planet and enhance your bond with each other.
The people in power, corporate figures and the NGOs should set an example by doing the same thing and asking everyone to switch off their lights.
I am very supportive of Earth Hour and feel we should make Malaysia as darkest country during Earth Hour.

Remember, everything is possible as long as we think of Mother Earth.

p/s:i knew they juz want to joking around with me..but..i'm serious about this...hmm...sorry for any comment.

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