April 24, 2010

how to pass exam (EASIEST WAY!!)

Just now,,i had already sat for my BIOLOGY exam and I'm just wanna to express my opinion about our exam oriented system!

In what extents the exam based mentality could survives in the market?
It's interesting to hear or know the Education Ministry would consider to abandon Primary School Evaluation Test (UPSR) in academic school calendar. They said, the exam only produce the students to boarding school instead of digging/exploring skills such as communications and practicality.

Abroad, especially in Japan , we never been heard of exam oriented in their schooling approach. Never..
What they emphasized on are the courage and confidence of inner self, independent of exploring and doing something unique which the scholars were thinking about this long time ago.

Yet, the phenomenon of hoping and depending on lecturer continuously happens!
Students in International Islamic University, even most Institutions of Higher Learning (IPT) in Malaysia, I think,are included in that group (dependent). Lack of the confidence in throwing ideas and opinions keep happening in the class and lectures.(maybe myself also,maybe)

Questions and arguments of an issue posed to us only left a silent response, thus, make a lecture session to be a mourn and a bore.
We couldn't be blame 100%.

The system our government created based on UK educational system for us, lead us in that way.Students stay up overnight for FINAL EXAM tomorrow,last minute study,burnt out after realized that,there are hundreds of facts to memorize

If we really care about the future, let's us as new generation change this system of exam oriented. While the time is running out, keep us in this way is just an absurd.

p/s: sorry,,i didnt have any tips...haha

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Arimi @ Kimi said...

sengal ko sahel, ye2 je aku bace... siot tol.. haha

sahel al-fateh said...

sorry r,,tips utk pass exam,,,bace la BUKU,,stadi,,haha

K. M. Pitts said...

If they/we/I don't study then how are we expected to pass?

vida la rasta said...

examinations should be banned

sahel al-fateh said...

heya everyone..dont get me wrong, i didnt said, we must abolished examination..

what i'm trying to express is, we must change our mentality that examination is just an indicator how much we can gather all the knowledge we had studied, not the indicator like if we pass, so we succeed in our life.that's too wrong..

examination is just one of ticket for success...

sahel al-fateh said...

@K.M. Pitts

heya..yeah, we must study to pass exam, but there are many students always just read books about their studies.. they just like photostat machine or printer because of our exam oriented system.

based on my knowledge,US educational is not too exam oriented.Admissions criteria for university involve the rigor and grades earned in high school courses taken, the students' GPA, class ranking, and standardized test scores (Such as the SAT or the ACT tests). Most colleges also consider more subjective factors such as a commitment to extracurricular activities, a personal essay, and an interview.

malaysia educational system,admission criteria system focus on examination result and just 10% of entry requirements of co-curricular activities into public universities.before this, it just focus on exam result.maybe,this is a good news

one of the consequences is,our country lack of people to think out of box and cannot express their own opinion..so,we just produce a bunch of robots, that can save many data, but, we lack of think tanker..

Lutfi Fadil said...

totally agree bro! the education system is somewhat detrimental to our brains~
nice post!

Mohd Herie Farish said...

pasal exam la, students nak bace buku, kalau takde exam, memang~~
then.exam oriented ni bagus juga dari segi lain...dengan exam oriented ni (China pun amal yang ni gak, India, etc) student tahu profoundly ; large amount of facts... kalau practical ja, tapi tak tahu secara detail melalui bacaan tak boleh gak,... by the way, practical dah dimasukkan dalam pengiraan gred... and cfs is totally different dari main campus...
pandangan sahaja~~~~ weeeeeee~~~~~~

sahel al-fateh said...

@bro. lutfi.
yup, exam is vital one, but there are many thing we must consider while seek knowledge

haha..dont get me wrong..ak x kate exam shud be abolished..tp, exam oriented system harus dikaji semula, kite x nak hasilkan org2 yg menghafal facts je, tp dlm kosong, x leh nk process ape yg dipelajari..bkn semua but most of them...skang ni,kalu tgk student2 yg asyik stadi je,dorg mmg pulun skor tp dorg x explore bakat2 dorg dlm sukan,critical thinking, debate, pertukangan,creativity, leadership..everyone have their own talent rite?..disebabkan exam oriented system,,ramai dak2 lepas spm, njoy abes2,,pas2,,bile masuk matrik, or foundation....da kosong sbb dorg hafal facts sbb spm exam, not to seek knowledge..NIAT kene betol an?so,,there you r..beribu2 mesin photostat dihasilkan...

Mohd Herie Farish said...

pasal hafal2 facts la kite kena rujuk al-ghazali, para perawi, ibnu haitam, al-zahrawi, semua tokoh yang lain... kite digalakkan ambil sesuatu ilmu tu satu demi satu... (tak kate should be abolished pun)... then, kosong dalam? follow the priority of tasks la... tak salah aktif dalam banyak bidang, but kena consider other things la... dah berapa puluh tahun kite guna sistem ni, skang baru timbul isu ni, and sepanjang ni, kite still boleh produce banyak mereka yang berjaya juga~~~ masa study, diorang study, and masa lain, diorang buat pe diorang nak... and exam oriented ni supposely takde la membebankan kalau study dari awal, hanya untuk certain courses yang memerlukan lebih masa untuk study, tu memang kena sacrifice la mende lain... and pasal our Niah, then, we should go back to the surah al-alaq... Read (proclaim), in the Name of your Lord...
kite kena niat kerana Dia dan berusaha untuk lepas segala ape2 exam2~~~
and ada ke dak2 medic or dentist yang pi clinical posting cam tu je? apa yang diorang belajar kuar la dalam ospe, pro-exam, mini test, dan akan guna punya masa clinical phase... and for dental student, clinical year is integrated with basis science 1st and 2nd year... then, in what way did exam monopolised? and now, students are required to take part in many other sports, and debates, pidato, etc... 10% or 20% calculated in merit... anyway, exam is still important in determining students capability..
just my view

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