April 28, 2010

I'm stupid..!

salam and heya,,

I just want to post about political stuff and how BN could win in new election.hoho.sorry, this is not a political blog..

Have you ever imagine, you can become the most healthy people in this world?..
or if we heard an outbreak news about second wave of H1N1 , we just take a deep breath and said,"it's okey, it's just swine flu, only swine people or pig will get that flu"

if you want some tips about how to protect yourselves to get sick without take any antibiotics or supplement....or your loved one always tends to get sick so, you think you must do something to protect that person.

1.Go to the library counter and said to librarian, you want to buy one cheeseburger and soda with loud voice.If he say that,"this is library", just whisper to him " I want one cheeseburger and soda, thank you"

opps...that's like a dumb person, sorry. Again..this is some tips

1. You just become a person live for eat and sleep,dreamless, uninteresting, and never believes of higher possibilities for the human race.

2. If your friend talking about some complicated stuff like facts of medicine or law, just ignore them and dont ever think about it and never tries to acknowledge any subject that concerns the human race.

3. You must remain immature throughout and even after high school. Dont ever questions what is your purpose in this life

4. Never tries to take your ideas any step further.
5.. Repeats the same process of stupidity over and over.

wait..! You said "repeats the same process of stupidity over and over"?, and why I think all these tips doesnt make any sense with how to become healthy?...but, this is tips how to become a stupid person...

There you are, how to boost your immune system is just become a stupid person.

haha..you kidding me right?

No,I'm serious right now.

This statement is based on research about in one community, if there is new pandemic disease spreading around like H1N1 and they didnt know any precaution, logically, all those people will get sick.

The reality is not all those people in that community will get sick, but there are several people hard to get sick even they didnt take any antibiotic or good supplement. This is because they are stupid person.

I dont know what is the real definition of stupidity because stupid is subjective but, there are some related information about all these things. Stupid person didnt have many thing to think about, they are just simple person.(stupid and simple is different)

Their stress level is maintained and their emotions are stabilized .So,his immune system is in the best condition automatically.They hard to become angry and please read this post to know about anger.

Think about this way, Jeho (not real person) is stucked in traffic jam, and he knows he is late to go to his workplace and here is the driver who cut him off,but he just ignores him because of his stupidity.When he arrives at his
workplace, there is someone just took his parking space that has been rented by him.Again, he thinks that, maybe that is not his parking place.

After that, his boss scolds and fires him, but because he didnt understand
what's going on,he just dont understand why he has been fired. He sit on the bench and he start to run away from this world because he think there are many things that he didnt understood. He just run, run and run...running..running...all over this country

and how stupid he is....but, if you notice something, he just relax and his stress level is maintained and he can control his anger unintentionally.

so, when anger can be controlled, the immune system is in the best condition.

you dont understand?

Think about this way, Johe (smart and intellegent person) is stucked in traffic jam and he knows he is late,and for sure he will be scolded by his boss.Then, there is the driver who cut him off and he become angry!. When he arrives
his workplace, there is someone just took his parking space.Again, mad and mad..!

Throughout the day,he is frequently upset with his coworkers and angry at his boss because he has been scolded by his boss. Tired and frustrated, he goes home
and eat a TV dinner and in one day, you just mad and mad. so,his immune system is shut down twenty-four hours a day because he is mad.His stress level is increase and he wonder why he get sick one day!.

"Stupid is as stupid does" said Forrest Gump.

stupid-->stress level maintain-->immune system in the best condition-->healthy body.

being a stupid person, you dont have to manage your stress level.Easy and simple.

being a clever person,you must control your stress level, have a patience,and bla bla bla.

p/s :honestly, this is a silly post, and I confuse whether dumb,silly,stupid and ignorant person have same meaning or not.I dont care.okeh.today,i think i'm stupid person!

please ignore my numerous grammatical errors.
btw, FORREST GUMP is a nice movie.*thumbs up

5 Footsteps:

kenwooi said...

we all must learn to control our temper =)

sahel al-fateh said...

if stupid person, dont need to learn and control his temper automatically

vida la rasta said...

not studpid actually but "lurus" ... hahahahaa...

izhar kasim said...

forest gump mmg terbaek....
ade lagi stu cter, lebey krg forest gump ar tp die kua lame dah, BIG FISH...try ar tgk

sahel al-fateh said...

oke2..nt ak usha2..ak tgh lyn liar game 2.

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