April 09, 2010

kind of people at my university..

  • facebook- most popular student at my university. He is pretty cool and macho. He is also a good listener and always been humble eventhough he's a great student...!
  • twitter- his nickname is tweet tweet and he is a cute little boy. although he's not popular like facebook, he can be a good companion.friendly one..
  • Myspace- macho and cool guy but more stylo than facebook...he's an arrogant man that didnt want to hear any advices or problems...he always in his own world...Music..for sure!..
  • WIKIPEDIA-nerd one, he has a brain like a library and many students always find him to ask question about medicine, chemistry, business, politics and etc.
  • deviant art- low profile, she is a professionel in ART field...and she's a pretty woman but, because of his tomboy appearance...she still didnt have any boyfriend.
  • youTUBE- he is a movie collector and he already have 1 million+++ videos collection about many things even 18PG movies..his ambition is a movie director..!..if u want to watch videos..find him...trust me!
  • Google- known as Prof.Google, most famous guy in this world...clever than WIKIPEDIA, friendly like twitter, not like Myspace, seems like he didnt know about art like deviant art,but, he's an architecture lecturer......he can read ur mind..!...just ask him anything..99%, he can answer it...!

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vida la rasta said...

hahahhahaha cutela.....

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