April 10, 2010

¿ǝǝɟɟoɔ˙˙spɐן ʎɯ ʎǝɥ

 wooh...!...i didnt know it eventhough i'm coffee maniac..!..i only know about adrenaline stuff..that's all..!

credit : the0atmeal.com ,DANG!...i love their comics!..

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Lutfi Fadil said...

I knew these info already, but the way they present it is really cool & interesting!

Btw, the first shepherd who discovers coffee ate it raw. The effects were exhilarating, he directly gave it to a local 'imam' and he made it into a 'soup', which, basically, is the first ever coffee drink. Since then he used coffee to stay up all night for solat tahajjud. They even served coffee b4 solat tarawikh during ramadhan

during the times of Uthmaniah, hundreds of coffeeshops were around, and this where the great intellectuals meet, sat down together, drink coffee and discuss about religion, science, and art. Wasn't surprising why many great discoveries were done by the muslims that time huh? They shared their knowledge while having coffee, and coffee since then was dubbed 'the drink of Wisdom'

Jalalludin Rumi even wrote poetry about coffee

That's one of the reason why I love coffee so much, knowing that its origins is from Islam. It's a shame that the market has been taken over...

izhar kasim said...

wakaka,,,,,,lyn oatmeal jgk ke?
x bley blah kau

sahel al-fateh said...

@bro lutfi...seriously?...so,coffee was founded by muslim ..wow...!

that was awesome...!

btw,,how about negative effects when we consume coffee,because of its caffeine..in wikipdia,,there are numerous of negative effects about caffeine..

n the only one their positive effect is its nootropic effects..hoho..

yeah,,myb wiki is not a best references...

can u post about it in ur blog,doc?hehe..

p/s:nah,but i still chug it..! hehe

sahel al-fateh said...

yeah..the Oatmeal TERBAEK!!!..bess oh

Lutfi Fadil said...

Yep, here's a good read about coffee & islam:


Well, as everything else in this world, too much can be intoxicating. We will benefit from coffee as long as we don't exceed more than 400mg of caffeine a day. More than that, the negative effects surfaces

Here's a simple guide to caffeine:
Nescafe 3 in 1: +/- 70-80 mg caffeine
Cafe americano: +/- 100 mg
1 Espresso shot: +/-120 mg

So calculate your coffee consumption per day, and make sure it's not more than 400...that's it!

For the benefits of moderate coffee drinking, i think there already too many on the internet...try googling 'coffee benefits'

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