April 20, 2010

It's just merely a Facebook....

There you are, on a Saturday morning with your favorite cup of coffee, sitting at your desk and browsing on Facebook. You have 100 new notifications since last night that you logged out, 1 suggested page, 2 cause invitations ,7 group invitations, and 3 friend requests, one of which is of an unknown person.You smile like a crazy person. okey, that's sound familiar?

Tomorrow morning, you wake up, take a bath for awhile and perform prayer, and then you turn on your laptop. There's only one point why you turn on your laptop, to log in your Facebook and......... something terrible happen. There's no NOTIFICATIONS even one!..."no notif, no RED?....huh?..where's the red?..WHERE?!...hey you,where's my RED, huh?....oh no, i have been ignored by
my 400++ best friends, why?.. i must post something interesting, i need my red notification..!"

There you are, Facebook addict!

Whether you have realized it or not, Facebook is a real part of your life, is a real partner whom you have to see for good morning and kiss for good night. What changes over time is your degree of addiction; as it happens with all love-hate relationships.

Everything happens in your life, you post it on "What's in your mind?". Everything!. You post your thought and wait for some interesting comments or unexpected comment, maybe. If there's no one comments your status within 1 hour, you delete it back and post something new, maybe controversial one or just "Hmmm..." or " Boring...zzz~".Or maybe, you became like a rash.

You become like a poser, you just want to attract people to comment yours and doesn't show your "original-true skin",maybe you can call yourself hypocrite, poser or someone is lonely need some red notification to make sure you're not alone in this world. Some said that, Facebook is like "
Wailing Wall", reveal everything about you on those wall. Some said that's conspiracy..

You don't know what's happening right now, your roommate seldom have a chit chat with you, but, on facebook, there are numerous of comments like you're talking each other.why?. You don't have a mouth or enough ATP to speak ?

Your profile information is full with your address, your email, your interests, your car,your favorite books or movies that you share it with strangers. If you have a new friend on Facebook that you didn't know about him before, and within a week, you become his best friend, always comment your status like you already know him for a year. When you meet each other, you wonder why you feel awkward and cant have a chit chat like a friend..!..

In Facebook world, you're the greatest chef in Cafe World, you can cook anything, pasta?, blueberry cake?, sushi spread?..List it, you can 'cook' it.!.....but, you had already abandoned your family for example, serve a breakfast, maybe just a slice of bread for your husband before he goes to his workplace.( This is extreme one, but it's happened!).You also invite everyone to be your neighbor in Cafe World, same goes with Farmville.

You said that, Facebook can't replace your true friendship in this reality world but, if you think back during one year, your best friends in Facebook world always supported you if you had a problem. You said you didnt communicate with online people really much, because you cant communicate like face-to-face with real people, but it seems just a white lie.

Facebook,his age is only 5 years old but, it gives numerous effects to our society just like what Malcolm Gladwell stated in his 'Tipping Point: How Little Thing Can Make a Big Difference' book, "Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do". Now, Facebook user has a split character, one character in Facebook and another one in reality world. They're different person even they have same body..that's a great effect rite?

Your grades is deteriorating or maybe you just aim 'standard' target to pass your examination because your mentality is, "naahh, we can't become an exam-oriented, it's NERDY thing, Facebook is not nerdy thing, it's coool..." and then, you fail..!, For you, there's more important thing, to answer hundreds of facebook quizzes.


p/s: 'YOU' in this post is a PART of OLD ME , and maybe YOU!..hoho.. now, I checked myself into Blogger.com rehab to get over my facebook addiction (haha,that's too exaggerated!) . me prefer blog.. just three steps to blog, THINK, WRITE and POST..that's all..(no red notification..)

Any psychologist or maybe neurologist?..can you explain about this?...maybe there's a new virus or chemical substances that can make Facebook user become a Facebook addict..hoho..=P

*pic = Oatmeal

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Mohd Herie Farish said...

facebook: we are connected, but actually we are very far away from each other... facebook, kemerepekan2 are increasing drastically. with annoying fan, club, even there is a fan for one artist who just die a few days ago... facebook has robbed the privacy of people since people are very addicted to post every single thing that across their minds..
"makan biskut ngan milo"
"kucing bunuh diri"

fan: kain pelikat la, bla bla
the use of facebook deteriorates from day to day~~~~~~~~~~

kenwooi said...

i log in to FB just to check some updates and stuffs.. nothing much =P

sahel al-fateh said...

u seem bit "emotional"..u have any prob with kaen pelikat fan page?..=P

nice..!, yeah, that's real importance of fb,,juz to check some updates..seriously..hoho

Mohd Herie Farish said...

i am not too emotional... but just realise the fact that facebook has made people become crazy... hahaha... with that kind of fans, clubs,... sengal GILA.... it is okay fans for schools or society, but fan for stupid things? does not make sense betul

budleee said...

the only important friends on facebook are the ones that you see

de friending some one is sending in a strong message

its either i don't know you so I will delete you

or I don't want to be friends with you anymore..

Nnamdi said...

I refer to it as digital reality T.V. Where people are watching their friends as oppose to stars. There is a new book,"Facebook Addiction: The Life & Times of Social Networking Addicts."
Amazon Reviews: http://www.TheFacebookAddiction.com/links/retail/amazon
Press: http://www.TheFacebookAddiction.com/links/press
More Info: http://www.TheFacebookAddiction.com

sahel al-fateh said...

wooh..thanx 4 ur info..appreciate it!..

vida la rasta said...

gune facebook sb nak stalk orng je...hahaha

Bunglon Blog said...

this is my first visit here..
nice blog my friend
happy blogging

KimiWarrior91 said...

well, frankly i would like to say that i have stopped facebooking for temporarily. Mybe after da final,i'll be turning it on back. It seems to be distracting me from studying. I turned on my laptop to study with YouTube, then, inadvertently, i logged in to facebook, then i keep on refreshing it for any new noti...

K. M. Pitts said...

Interesting, it's not just facebook but other social networks as well that society is getting addicted to. Look at business, for example, they're using these as marketing tools and it's working.

sahel al-fateh said...

we shud build a rehab for u..LOL

yeah,there are many social networks,but i wrote about facebook based on experience..facebook is one of examples..
about business..yup,its working.!

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