April 05, 2010

traffic jam?..

Ever since I installed Nuffnang ads on this blog just to try it out, I've been extremely curious as to whether I can really make some money from blogging and i'm just trying it..

But,that's not my REAL intention to get money by post something in my blog and my friend also post in her blog,"if u post something in your blog just to get attention from the others , it seems like u are a hypocrite"(she didnt said it to me, but just general)..that's her opinion and i respect her opinion but for me, me blog to share something. That's all!...

There are quite a few ways to increase your blog traffic to discover if you search the internet. They are all good, but in my opinion, the best way to increase traffic for starting bloggers like me is to use a promotion site like TrafficG. I just signed up yesterday and my traffic has more than doubled already.

Why I say TrafficG is the most useful way to gain traffic for starting bloggers is because you can guarantee there will be visitors to your blog. So, there is no ' Hangat2 tahi ayam bloggers' (they give up earlier after there's no one read their post)

To increase visitors to your blog, you just have to surf the TrafficG sites. For each site you visit, you'll get a visit to your blog from other TrafficG users. If you're really serious on blogging, I think you should try it. Registration is a breeze.

A step by step guide by yours truly.

0. Sign up here .(Free of charge!)

1. After you have your account set up, click on surf 4 credits. You'll need credits to have people view your blog.

2. A random page will be loaded from TrafficG. Wait until the counter hits 0, then select the word displayed on the left (This method is implemented to block people from using spambots). Each time you view a page you'll get a certain amount of credits.

3. When you have some credits, assign them to your blog(s). Each credit will display your blog to one other TrafficG user and hence, increase your traffic.

So there you have it, hopefully your traffic will grow until you don't need to use this service. But until then, I find it to be the most reliable blog promoter out there. Have fun blogging!

FOR NUFFNANGERS :This is totally safe to use with Nuffnang and probably any other ads because the traffic you get are real visitors. They are directed to your blog by TrafficG and are real people just like you = ) TrafficG and other sites like blog explosion use this method. They don't use spambots or automated services which would be against most ad providers policies. Proof Here.

another new proof.
Hi Akmal,

If your traffic is genuinely generated and not via bots then it will not be considered as fake impressions.

As such, it is okay for you to use TrafficG to promote your blog.

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

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aried said...

sebnarnya, traffik G yang kmu mksudkan ini adalh berbentuk exchange traffik programe yg telah mndapat perhatian nuffnang dan adsnse,

programe ini adlah tidak dibenarkan oleh nuffnang dan juga adsense kerana melanggar TnC mereka,

untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, kmu boleh baca artikel disini:


p/s: hanya sekadar berkongsi maklumat, jika dirasa tidak suka @ tidak tepat, aried mohon maaf

sahel al-fateh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sahel al-fateh said...

salam,,trimas 4 info..sy membuat post ini berdasarkan post dr seorang bloggers yg mengatakan dye sudah bertanya pihak nuffnang ttg TrafficG dan dibenarkan ...

utk keterangan lanjut..boleh bace artikel nye dan ambil perhatian pade komen nye yg ke-9...


p/s:sy bukn ingin berdebat,,tp bertanye..and thanks 4 your concern..very appriciate it..i'm a new blogger..cheers =)

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