April 09, 2010


me always washing my clothes at Syafiq's house because his house is just 200 metres away from my university...then,after i finished it, i search for my slipper and then, i saw Syafiq wore my slipper.."hey,that's my slipper la,syafiq" in Kelantan dialect..

without feeling guilty,he said.."nope,,this is my slipper.." oh..maybe..his slipper is exactly same like mine..so, i'm just ignored it..i took my clothes and put it on my bicycle...for sure,kaki ayam..!

i start to ride the bicycle and ....PIIINNNN!!!...there was a car appeared from nowhere and want to hit someone , and there's one old lady saved her and she's also a nenek..fuuhh....thank god..

while i'm riding my bike towards my college, they started chatting..

nenek 1 : "u r so kind, thank you for saving me"
nenek 2 : " it's okay ..we must help each other..but pity him, that boy....in front of us.."


nenek 2 : "he's a medical student at UIA.."...
nenek 1 also agreed with her : "yeah..pity him,,he cannot become a good doctor bcoz he's studying at UIA"


then i said to them.."What's wrong with both of u uh?"..."if i can graduate and get MBBS..i'm a doctor..and UIAM is a pretty good university"...

nenek 1 : "I don't care..if you r studying at UIA now..u are NOTHING..noottthhiinngg!"

what the fish!!!...why you said like that?...

then,,i woke up,,it's just a dream...and it was SCARY!! ....it was already 7 am..subuh prayer...!

p/s:can i become a good doctor?..

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Fawwaz said...

hey, for sure u can be a good Doctor.. insyaAllah..

but sometimes, its fun to have those dreams..

nurulraihana said...

can la, dont worry. yakin boleh! YEAH :D

[thah] said...

boleh la sahel.trust on yourself and put tuston Allah too =)

sahel al-fateh said...

fawwaz- yeah..seems funny..but that was scary than a dream about ghost...ghost?..nah...hehe

rai n thah-trimas sis..!

vida la rasta said...

cool.... best punye crta

anyway may Allah bless u always

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